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Recording Connection Provides Real-World Training

You’ve probably noticed by now that the Recording Connection’s approach to training you as an audio engineer or music producer is a little different than most other programs. We skip the classroom completely, and place all our students for real-world training in recording studios.

Some might wonder why this is so important: Why do we choose real-world training instead of the standard classroom/lab instruction offered by other schools? Here are a few important reasons why we insist on this approach.


When you learn audio production in a classroom or lab, the only thing that proves you know anything is the degree, diploma or certificate the school gives you when you graduate. Unfortunately, in the actual music industry, this piece of paper means nothing. The people who work in recording don’t care where you got your education, or how much education you have; they care about how much experience you have working in real recording studios. Our real-world training approach enables you to gain the studio experience you need while you are learning the skills. This makes you look much better to potential employers when you actually go to apply for studio work than if you simply have a certificate.


Many people don’t realize how important connections are when it comes to getting jobs in this business. Industry pros tend to hire people they already know, people who come recommended by others, or people who have a track record of success. The people you need to connect with can’t be found in audio engineering classrooms—they are hanging out in the recording studios! Real-world training puts you right where these people are—the people who can one day hire you or recommend you for work. As you fulfill your externship, you have the opportunity every day to impress these people and to build relationships with them.


Classrooms provide a controlled, theoretical training environment that has very little to do with what you’ll encounter in real recording studios. If you really want to learn this business, you have to be in real-world situations where things can and do go wrong, and you need to learn how the pros come up with solutions to those problems. There are also secrets and shortcuts that the pros use that aren’t taught in school. By training you in a real recording studio, we give you the chance to see how things really work in the studio, allowing you to learn the ropes more quickly and efficiently.


Simply put, it doesn’t cost nearly as much to train a student in an existing, working recording studio as it would in a campus classroom or lab. This allows us to train you for a much more affordable tuition rate.

When you put it all together, the real-world training provided by the Recording Connection helps you gain the experience and the connections you need in order to be taken seriously in this industry, in a highly efficient manner, at a fraction of the cost of classroom training! Honestly, we don’t know why other schools don’t use this method. It just makes more sense.

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