Places to Look for Scholarships

One type of financial aid that can be especially helpful in funding your education is scholarships—free money given toward your education based on your academic achievement, artistic abilities, athletic skills or other criteria. A scholarship can be a one-time gift, or can be renewable based on your continued performance—and the best part is that unlike student loans, scholarships do not have to be paid back.

By doing a bit of homework, you may be able to qualify for enough scholarship money to pay for some or all of your Recording Connection externship. To point you in the right direction, here are some places to look for scholarships.


There are lots of foundations and organizations out there with free money to help promising students fund their education. These programs each have their own set of criteria for who qualifies to receive these scholarships, based on such things as academic ability, financial status, geographical location, physical condition, and even the particular field you plan to enter. Many of these foundations can be found by searching the Internet ( is a great place to start). Look for scholarships that you might qualify for, and apply for them. To save time and energy, only apply when you meet the criteria, and follow the directions exactly.


Many companies offer scholarship programs for their student employees as part of their benefit packages.  Check with your employer to see if they have such a program, and how you might qualify for a scholarship. Many labor unions also have scholarship programs, so if you are a union worker, be sure to check there, as well.


A lot of people don’t consider that there may be someone among their friends and family who could afford to help with school costs, and would be willing to do so if asked. If there is someone you know among friends or relatives who believes in you and wants you to succeed, you might be able to receive a private scholarship from him/her simply by presenting your dreams and goals to them.

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