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Importance of Hardware in a Recording School

The hardware you use in recording school is very important. The technology you use when you’re learning your craft will inform how you think about creating music in the future. It will dictate the style and tone of the work you’re going to produce. It will also, potentially, inform how successful you’re going to be at your chosen profession.

The possibility that you’re going to be learning to create on out-of-date hardware could set you back, when entering the workforce. Or, if you learn on state-of-the-art equipment that will help you get a leg up. As you look at different schools you may want to attend, you should consider what kinds of technology they will provide you with.

What programs they use, and how they go about teaching you the craft of using these tools are other considerations. If you are considering traditional educational programs like a four-year university or even a trade school, then you will want to look around the school. Look into what programs and hardware they have on hand. This can be deduced through a school trip or even just reading the FAQ on the school’s site.

Investigate Your Options

For nontraditional programs, such as a mentor-extern system or a similar type of workplace schooling, you should find out who your mentor will be and where you will be learning with them. This will enable you to figure out if they work in the specific genre of music you’re interested in. Knowing this info will help you make informed decisions about the trajectory of your life.

Your education is a significant investment of time and money. This isn’t something to take for granted, or leave in other people’s hands.You want to make sure that you’re doing your due diligence and thinking through every aspect of these choices. Deciding on where you go to school is something that can have profound influences on your career.

You could be saddled with massive amounts of debt. You could make loads of connections. You could meet your future significant other. All of these events COULD happen during your time in school. It’s important to select the right environment for yourself. 

The Importance of Hands-On Learning

The hardware in a recording school should meet the standards currently being used in the industry. This sounds like a simple statement, but you’d be surprised at how many schools get stuck in their ways and then don’t ever upgrade. This happens largely because there’s no one to hold them accountable.

You should still be learning on machines that are current and modern, and though nostalgia for older equipment may be understandable. You need to learn skills that are going to help you launch a career.  You want to learn while gaining practical experience for use in the workplace. This may be a bit more difficult if you are going to be an extern or similarly learning on the job, but you can still take a little extra time to determine what you will be using.

Regardless of what type of education you are receiving, it is very important to have excellent communication with your school or those administering your program. While they may be able to help you, ultimately you are responsible for your education and you should take some initiative and make sure you are receiving the education you have paid for.

Communicate with advisors or with your potential mentors, do some research so you know about the hardware used in the industry, and ask questions to find out what you will be using. While the hardware in a recording school may not be the most important aspect of your education, it is still significant and worth investigating before you begin a program.

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