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Do You Need Audio Engineering Scholarships?

Given the cost of education these days, it’s always a good idea to look for scholarship funds to help offset the cost. But audio engineering is a rather specific trade that not many schools offer—so how do you go about getting audio engineering scholarships?

The great thing about scholarships (as opposed to student loans) is that scholarships are basically free money that you don’t have to pay back. If you’re pursuing audio engineering or music production as a career, here are some common-sense tips for finding the scholarship funds to cover your costs.


Unless you go to a four-year college that offers an audio engineering major and has scholarship money to distribute, you’re not likely to find audio engineering scholarships from public or in-school sources—and given the high cost of these schools, it’s unlikely those funds will be enough to cover your costs completely. In fact, you could pay more to get that degree with those scholarships than you would to complete an externship program without the scholarships.

As an alternative, do some research and look for private scholarship funds to help cover your costs. There are a lot of scholarships and grants out there, and the organizations that offer them each have different criteria they use for deciding who gets the money. Look for as many of these as you can find, and apply to any/all that you might qualify for.


The Connectors is the privately funded scholarship arm of the Recording, Radio and Film Connection, and it is one of the few organizations that specializes exclusively in providing scholarship money for externship programs. If you qualify, you may be able to get the entire cost of your Recording Connection externship covered.


One drawback to scholarship programs is that they typically have no real relationship to the students they are funding, so the application process can feel impersonal and even random. On the other hand, someone who knows you and believes in you is far more likely to support your educational goals if they have the money available. Don’t discount the possible support of friends and family; you might be surprised at who is willing to help you financially to pursue your audio engineering career.

Finally, as a bit of advice…chances are good that scholarships still won’t cover the entire cost of your education. The good news is that there are affordable alternatives to getting an audio engineering education that won’t force you to take on huge amounts of debt. So shop around and compare costs.  It is possible to learn audio engineering in a more affordable way, and at the end of the day, you may find you don’t even need audio engineering scholarships.

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