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Recording Radio and Film Connection Teams Up with Transcendental Music

Transcendental Music (TMusic) and the Recording Radio and Film Connection recently announced a partnership that will prove to be a win-win arrangement for both organizations: a chance to provide vital work experience to students while providing necessary content for a valuable non-profit organization.

Transcendental Music is a not-for-profit record label established by filmmaker David Lynch to help raise funds for a number of charities supported by the David Lynch Foundation. The Recording, Radio and Film Connection (RRF) is a specialized trade school that trains radio broadcasters, filmmakers and audio engineers through on-the-job externships in real studios and production facilities.

TMusic relies heavily on volunteers to help provide its content, and due to the organization’s specialized needs, volunteers with media know-how are a commodity. As it turns out, the Recording Radio and Film Connection relies heavily on hands-on experience to teach its students, and therefore has a roster full of students who need all the work experience and on-the-job practice they can get. Since both organizations exist with a deep purpose of helping people, the ensuing partnership seems tailor made for both.

The Recording Radio and Film Connection provides volunteers from among its students to help TMusic in the creation of its content. Transcendental Music works with some of the industry’s top entities, so this amounts to more than just free assistance in return for work experience: it also gives RRF students the opportunities to make valuable connections while gaining work experience. Transcendental Music has worked with a wide range of artists, including Iggy Pop, Ben Folds, Ozomatli, Peter Gabriel, Moby, Tom Waits and a host of others.

The services provided by RRF students are more than just audio related: film students and radio broadcasting students are finding plenty of opportunities as well. So far, RRF students have been involved in journalism projects, video production, graphic design, radio broadcasts, audio mixing and editing, and even Internet marketing and app development—all through various projects associated with TMusic.

Jade is a student of RRF who offers just one example of the diversity of work experience provided by this unique partnership. Jade’s primary function is as a music reporter for TMusic events. He arranges interviews, records the interviews backstage before and/or after the event, and uses this material to piece together a radio show for TMusic’s radio arm. Other RRF students are working with TMusic to maximize the benefits of Internet platforms like Soundcloud.

Recording Radio and Film Connection students need experience and connections in order to build their careers. Transcendental Music needs passionate people with the skills to help create their content and further their goals. It is little wonder that this partnership is so beneficial to both.

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