Recording Connection Announces Partnership with Dean Hurley

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 9, 2012–The Recording Connection is proud to announce our partnering with yet another nationally recognized audio engineer. Dean Hurley, of Los Angeles, has been exploring the world of sound for film nearly a decade and much of Deanʼs work has been a part of the movies of legendary filmmaker David Lynch, another partner of our programs.

While taking a multitude of positions behind and even in-front of the camera Deanʼs skills have put him on many of Hollywoods most familiar sets. His work can be heard on such films as The Last amurai, Be Cool, Inland Empire and My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done as various members of the sound department. His skills have also been used as a composer, supervising sound editor and re-recording mixer. See the credits for just some of his work.

In November of 2011 Dean again partnered with David Lynch to produce Lynchʼs first album, Crazy Clown Time. Hurley also engineered, programmed and mixed the album as well as played drums, guitar, bass, hammond organ and synthesizer. Read more about the album, hear some of the work and watch Dean Hurley and David Lynch give an interview about their album in a crudely recorded, 3 part Q&A.

We at the Recording Connection are proud to have yet another member of todays working professionals whom openly endorses our commitment to music education, our course curriculum and our method of education. With Deanʼs expertise we hope to open another world of possibilities for our graduates in motion picture sound departments.

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