Recording Connection and ICM Announce Partnership

As part of our continuing effort to enrich the communities that our programs are a part of, the Recording Radio and Film Connection is proud to announce a partnership with global talent agency ICM Partners to donate charitable aid to the Hide & Seek Foundation.

ICM Partners is one of the largest international talent agencies in the world. They work with wide range of talented individuals ranging from the motion picture industry to television to musical acts to literary scholars to branded entertainment. They have offices in New York, London, and Los Angeles.

The Hide & Seek Foundation is a charitable organization specializing in lysosomal disease research. There are over fifty different types of lysosomal disease. There are currently no known cures and there are very few treatments. The most common for of lysosomal disease is Niemann Pick Type C (NPC). The minds and bodies of individuals suffering from NPC are ravaged by this unstoppable disease. Common aliments from NPC include an enlarged liver or spleen, vertical gaze palsy, jaundice at birth, low muscle tone, delayed motor development, progressive liver failure, early lung disease, and seizures. Most individuals suffering from NPC do not past the age of sixteen.

Due to the fact that NPC is a neurological disorder it is very common for its victims to incur dementia. NPC is a recessive trait. Meaning it is passed down from the parents but they do not have the disease themselves. Of individuals who are NPC carriers, there is a 25% chance that their offspring will be born with it.

ICM Partners and the Recording Radio and Film Connection are happy that they can contribute to assisting in the search of a cure of lysosomal disease. The Hide & Seek foundation is one of a handful of organizations attempting to cure this horrible disease. Their work is not only important but noble.

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