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An audio engineer is someone with experience and training in the production and manipulation of sound through mechanical (analog) or digital means. The audio engineer, sometimes designated as a sound engineer or recording engineer, is essential to the recording process, whether it be music, voice over or live sound.

Audio engineers are generally familiar with the design, installation and/or operation of sound recording, sound reinforcement or sound broadcasting equipment. In the recording studio environment, the audio engineer is the person recording, editing, manipulating, mixing and/or mastering sound by technical means in order to realize the artist’s or record producer’s creative vision.

While usually associated with music production, an audio engineer may be involved in dealing with sound for a wide range of applications, including post-production for video and film, live sound reinforcement, advertising, multimedia and broadcasting. When dealing with video games, the audio engineer may also be a computer programmer.

Some well known sound engineers include: Eddie Kramer, Phil Ramone, Steve Albini, Roger Nichols, Bill Porter, Al Schmitt and George Massenburg.

Audio engineers operate mixing consoles, microphones, signal processors, tape machines, digital audio workstations, sequencing software and speaker systems. Commonly, an audio engineer is responsible for the technical aspects of a sound recording session or other audio production, and works together with a record producer or director, although the engineer’s role may also be integrated with that of the producer.

If you are serious about preparing for a career in audio engineering, then you should seriously consider the Recording Connection, the only audio school that puts you inside a top, professional recording studio from day one. You’ll learn, one-on-one, side-by-side with a professional audio engineer. If you are serious about pursuing a career in audio engineering, you need to be in a real recording studio, taking part in actual recording sessions.

But don’t take our word for it, check out what Dave Pensado, Herb Trawick and Tim Palmer have to say.

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Student Testimonial

I enrolled in the Recording Connection in my home town.  I am in the studio about twice a week for a total of between 18-25 hours a week.  I would go more, but I work a full-time job.  What I like about the program is the opportunity to expand upon my somewhat limited experience and become familiar, and eventually comfortable, on professional recording equipment in a real-world professional working environment.  What I'm now learning is how to communicate with the performer in a manner that is condusive to creating an atmosphere that leads to better performances.  I'm learning Pro Tools too.  The Recording Connection Program really works.

Jason King
Recording Student



Recording Connection graduate Preston Boebel thought we were too good to be true until he visited Clear Lake Audio recording studios in Los Angeles for his interview with audio engineer and studio owner, Brian Levi. He knew from that moment that this was what he wanted to do and where he wanted to do it. Upon graduation, he was hired by Brian to be the assistant engineer. It didn't take long before he was promoted to Chief Engineer. Since then, he has worked as the audio engineer on projects for White Snake, Quiet Riot, Dishwalla, Usher and many more. More importantly, he's recently served as the music producer on many jazz, rock, pop, blues and hip hop tracks. He's even worked on movie sound tracks including "Doom." Preston is the perfect example of what it takes to make it in the music business. The Recording Connection gave him the SAME OPPORTUNITY we give every student who takes our course--HE MADE SOMETHING OF THE OPPORTUNITY. For the full Preston story, click here.

Preston Boebel
Audio Engineer and Music Producer
Los Angeles, California
Recording Connection Graduate

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