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Recording Connection Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Recording Connection Audio Institute?

A: Founded in 1983, the Recording Connection audio school alternative provides hands-on mentor-extern programs for the music recording industry. With a reputation for being among the finest audio engineering and music producing programs in the entertainment media industry, Recording Connection students learn in professional recording studios under private mentorship from legendary audio engineers, music producers and studio owners in hands-on sessions in more than 250 cities throughout the U.S.

Q: What is a mentor?

A: Recording Connection students learn from mentors, who are successful professional audio engineers, live sound engineers, music producers or recording studio owners, who teach in real world situations including active recording studio sessions, as opposed to simulated classrooms.

Q: How long does it take to complete one of the Recording Connection programs?

A: The programs can be completed in approximately half the time of degrees obtained from other schools. The average course length is 5 to 7 months, depending upon the student's schedule.

Q: How often are most Recording Connection classes?

A: As opposed to specific semesters, Recording Connection students can start any time and can take classes during night or weekend sessions, or even train around a current job. Students are required to attend sessions weekly at their mentor’s recording studio.

Q: How many students are in a class?

A: Classes consist of just the student and mentor.

Q: Does the Recording Connection provide financial aid assistance?

A: Yes, the company offers financial aid assistance from a variety of funding choices. We also offer scholarships and grants to eligible parties.

Q: Do students require any experience to be accepted?

A: No prior recording experience is required, simply a passion to learn.

Q: Does the Recording Connection help with job placements?

A: Yes. From day one a full time job placement coordinator works to try and find students work. Additionally, the Recording Connection Stay Connected program provides employment assistance for up to a year after graduation.

Q: Does the Recording Connection guarantee jobs after graduation?

A: No. Practically no school or training program can guarantee a job upon graduation. However many Recording Connection graduates have gone on to secure in-industry jobs and employment.

Q: How flexible is the scheduling in case a student has a job or other commitments?

A: The course or program scheduling is flexible and Recording Connection will try to work around anyone’s job schedule. Class is often available nights and weekends, depending on mentor availability. The average program length is six months, depending upon the student’s schedule.

Q: What are some reasons a student might not be accepted into Recording Connection?

A: Recording Connection, a program area of the School (RRFC) bases its decision to accept, or not accept students, solely on what it perceives their work ethic, drive, motivation and current state and city laws which vary according to mentored externship location.

Q: What kind of course materials and/or software do students need/have to buy?

A: None. Provided the student has a computer, everything else a student needs is included in with our course. Recording Connection will either buy or provide students with all necessary course materials and software.

Q: If a student has to move, can they transfer to a different mentor in my new city?

A: Yes. The Recording Connection will transfer a moving student as long as they have not completed more than 15 assignments.

Q: What professional industry organizations does the Recording Connection belong to?

A: The Recording Connection is a member in good standing with The National Association of Music Education (MENC), the prestigious Audio Engineering Society (AES), the American Music Producers Guild (AMP), The Recording Academy, which is the official accreditation for schools granted by The Grammy Awards, the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), the Society of Professional Audio Recording Services (SPARS) and is a Certified Training Center for Avid (formerly Digi Design) Pro Tools.

Q: How do students apply to Recording Connection classes?

A: Students may apply online by using the form on the website, or they may call admissions at (866) 951-5412.

Q: Does the Recording Connection have a payment program?

A: Yes, there are several ways to pay. Please contact admissions at (866) 951-5412 for details.

Q: Do students need to be a high school graduates to apply for the Recording Connection courses?

A: Admission requirements for students vary depending on state and mentored externship location. See Student Consumer Information section on this website or call 1-866-951-5412 for more information.

Q: Where is the campus for the Recording Connection?

A: Because of our innovative approach to audio and music education and training, The Recording Connection audio school alternative does not have a campus but rather externship locations inside of working professional recording studios in over 250 U.S. cities and towns. Students complete coursework online at a location of their choosing, and attend their mentored lessons and externship hours inside of a private place of business. As such, there are no facilities or campus facilities.

Q: How does the Recording Connection program compare with ordinary recording schools?

A: Very well--unlike ordinary recording schools, mentors are real working audio recording professionals and studio owners, currently working in the music business. They are professionals that make their living from the music and recording business now, today, even as they are instructing and mentoring students.

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