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In 2018 the Fender Guitar Music Corporation paid for two deserving students to attend our unique college. Fay Garrisson and Uriel Soto went to our school thanks to Fender. Now graduates, the two of them are right now forging their paths in the music business because of Fender's generosity and Recording Connection's unique method of education.

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See for yourself how Fender & RRFC have changed lives.

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Not only did the two recipients of the Fender Musical Instruments Corp / Recording Connection Experience get to train with the legendary audio engineer/producer Adam Moseley (Beck, Rush, Wolfmother, Spike Jonze, U2, Nikka Costa/Lenny Kravitz), they collaborated with the renowned music maker on an original song that’s slated for commercial release!

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For more than 3 decades Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools has been disrupting outdated classroom education. We turn students into pros in some of today’s hottest careers via our unique hands-on approach. Our students get affordable, in-industry, real world knowhow by training one-on-one with experienced professionals inside of recording studios, film production companies, radio broadcast stations and restaurants, backed by pro-authored curriculums.

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