Nicolas Chartier and RRF Donate to the Noreen Fraser Foundation

The Recording Radio and Film Connection is proud to announce our continued support of national and local charities. Our efforts aim to continue supporting those seeking to better themselves. The Recording Radio and Film Connection strives to empower young men and women through quality education. The Recording Radio and Film Connection is excited to announce a partnership with producer Nicolas Chartier in order to donate charitable aid to the Noreen Fraser Foundation.

Nicolas Chartier, a former film sales agent, founded the production company Voltage Pictures. Since doing so, he has produced the Academy Award winning feature film Hurt Locker, along with Killer Joe and The Whistleblower.

Noreen Fraser Foundation exists to accrue funding for, and spread awareness on the importance of early detection of, women’s cancer. The Noreen Fraser Foundation constantly explores new or previously neglected routes of cancer prevention methods. Whether it’s developing new prevention and detection methods, non-toxic therapy, or new diagnostic tools the Noreen Fraser Foundation is exploring every possible solution.

A key element, that sets the Noreen Fraser Foundation apart from other cancer research organizations, is that Noreen Fraser, the eponymous Founder and CEO, was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001. She is currently living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer. This personal experience serves as a galvanizing factor for every member of the Noreen Fraser Foundation.

Nicolas Chartier and the Recording Radio and Film Connection are overjoyed to be able to partner and support this valuable charitable organization. Through continued breast cancer prevention and treatment the Noreen Fraser Foundation is at the forefront of combating a disease that must be stopped. Nicolas Chartier and Recording Radio and Film Connection are proud to be a part of spreading awareness and early detection of women’s cancers.

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