Bryan Sims, one of our teachers and Producer for the legendary Michael Jackson is now accepting applicants to learn in his studio as an extern (apprentice) - Only through the Recording Connection.

Michael Jackson's Audio Engineer, Bryan Sims, is a Recording Connection Mentor
This is Bryan’s studio, your classroom with the Recording Connection, the only program that gets you in the door of a Real Recording Studio as an extern.

More on Bryan Sims – Audio Engineer / Recording Connection Teacher

The Recording Connection only employs the best of the best. That’s why we work with Bryan Sims, whose client list reads like a Grammy’s after party guest list.

Bryan’s client list includes Michael Jackson, Korn, Destiny’s Child, Mary J. Blige, TLC, Pink, Mudvayne Aerosmith, Frank Zappa, Abe Vigoda, Sugar Ray, The Game, and Megadeth.

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Apprentice with Bryan Sims, Recording Connection Audio Teacher
The Recording Connection is a music industry mentorship program where we take individuals who have an interest in the industry and a desire to work within it, and pair them with a currently working music industry pro. This enables the student to work within a real recording studio, gain experience, learn their trade, and make connections.

How to Learn Music Producing and Engineering +
How to Break Into the Music Business:


Learn from a Professional like Bryan Sims as his extern (extern) in his studio, where you will have a shot to prove yourself.


Avoid over-priced trade schools that train you in a classroom or labs.


Become a Recording Connection extern and learn one on one from the very person who is making the music you listen to and admire.



– OR –

Bryan Sims, who is one of the Recording Connection audio engineering school’s alternative’s most acclaimed mentors.

The Recording Connection could be your gateway to success. In addition to audio engineering and producing The Recording Connection offers classes in rapping, electronic music composing, beat making, and DJing, you can meet people in positions of power, real day-by-day professionals in the industry who have the ability to employ you and further your career.

We believe the Recording Connection is the no-nonsense, direct way to break into the recording industry. If you’ve spent your entire life pining after a career in the music industry today could be the day you stop your search. Apply now, and start your career tomorrow.

Learn Audio at the Studio Where Michael Jackson Recorded

Recording Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable, so you can stay in control of your finances.

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