Omer Saar

It has been a lifelong dream of mine to build a studio that attracted and ignited great musicians. A place that offered a Sound & Vibe that couldn’t be found anywhere else and would become responsible for exceptional music and memories.

I started DJ’ing in 1995, shortly after moving to Detroit metro from Orange County, CA. A young skateboard and snowboard punk-rocker that fell in love with hip-hop in a graffiti filled basement in Novi, MI and in the streets of Detroit, Chicago, New York and Philly.

I started making beats in the late 90’s on Pro Tools with my partner in crime, Bill. Before we understood sampling, we used to download one note of an instrument at a time from Limewire, pitch-shift it up and down and write melodies. Considering my love affair with vinyl was already deep in the sheets, getting into sampling records opened me to music I had never explored before. Until today, vinyl is my main gateway to musical education, inspiration and sensation. For the next 7+ years I made beats, collaborated with artists I admired and even managed to put out a single project, THE GREEN ALBUM.

After a few year hiatus, I was introduced to a friend with whom I started producing music with live musicians. Since then, I am more interested in working with the human element and brilliance of great musicians than anything else.

Now, after virtually a lifetime of living and loving music, I am proud to bring all my knowledge, skills, experiences, resources and relationships together in the name of a dream.

So, I cashed out my life savings and went all in. Sound & Vibe Recording Studio is the dream. The music, people and memories being made here already have been a direct reflection of the dream and I’m overwhelmed by the people and opportunities that present themselves virtually every day.

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