Mentor Spotlight

Ross Vanderslice

Learn from Recording Connection mentor Ross Vanderslice or one of our mentors in the St. Louis area. An engineer since 2001, Ross Vanderslice has worked with some of the biggest names in the recording industry. The experience he’s gained works perfectly with what we do at Recording Connection: pairing externs with seasoned professionals for invaluable […]

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Jason Phelps

Recording Connection mentor Jason Phelps is an audio engineer, producer, and musician who’s been involved in music all his life. He’s downright passionate about recording, producing, and teaching the next generation of music industry professionals. He expects the externs he trains to bring their A-game, and to listen and learn in a proactive manner.

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XLNT Sound and Music Producers Parker Ament, Danny Ferrare and Los Angeles, CA Music Mentors at Recording Connection

XLNT Sound

Powerhouse mentors Parker Ament and Danny Ferrare of XLNT Studios (Timbaland, Borgore, Brillz, Dan Farber, Kelly Price, Larrance Dopson of 1500 or Nothin) are the ultimate example of agile, entrepreneurial music producers who’ve got their fingers on the pulse of what’s going on in electronic music production right now. The XLNT team are host of […]

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Make Believe studios Lincoln NE

Rick Carson

Learn from Recording Connection mentor Rick Carson or one of our mentors in the greater Lincoln area. Recording Connection mentor engineer/producer Rick Carson has a passion for teaching today’s rising talents in the world of audio. Designed by famous recording studio designer, Rod Gervais, his studio features three control rooms, world-class equipment, and has the […]

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Aaron R. Reppert

Learn from Recording Connection mentor Aaron R. Reppert or one of our mentors in the greater St. Louis area. Originally founded in 2000 by Recording Connection mentor Aaron R. Reppert, TravSonic Sound & Media has grown a lot since its early, humble beginnings. TravSonic Mobile, established in 2009, caters to a number of high profile […]

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Recording Connection Mentor Joey Heier

Joey Heier

Learn from Recording Connection mentor Joey Heier or one of our mentors in the New Brunswick area. Audio engineer and studio owner Joey Heier has been in the business of making music for decades. With a client list that includes names like Christina Aguilera, B.o.B., Jill Scott, and Dru Hill, Joey knows what it takes […]

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Recording Connection mentor Bernard Johnson working with Efrain Matias

Bernard Johnson

Learn from Recording Connection mentor Bernard Johnson or one of our mentors in the greater San Diego area. Bernard Johnson didn’t follow the usual path to becoming a Recording Connection mentor in El Cajon, Ca. He discovered a love of mass media as a 14-year-old, entering a certification program to find out how it all […]

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Steve Catizone, Infinite Recording

Learn from Recording Connection mentor Steve Catizone or one of our mentors in the greater Boston area. From Aerosmith to Wyclef Jean, Steve Catizone knows the ABC’s about working with international superstars. Catizone ran Sanctum Sound in Boston for more than a decade before moving across the country to give the West Coast and Los […]

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Zack Phillips

Learn from Recording Connection mentor Zack Phillips or one of our mentors in the Bay Area. Discovering his love of music while growing up in New York City in the ‘80s, Zack Phillips’ approach to music is “part science, part mysticism.” Gaining experience as a DJ and live sound engineer, Phillips received a formal education […]

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ES Audio Recording Studio and Audio Engineer Donny Baker a mentor Recording Connection Los Angeles, CA

Donny Baker

Donny Baker of ES Audio in Los Angeles, CA has decades of experience in the music industry, both in studio and behind the console. He spent 13 years working as a touring engineer for some of music’s most influential and dynamic artists including: Madonna, Chick Corea, Aerosmith, Herbie Hancock, and more. Donny then moved his […]

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