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The Sound Lab is a fully-equipped recording studio in Greensboro, NC. We offer professional sound recording, production, mixing, and mastering services backed by over 34 years of recording experience at competitive prices. Our personnel is versatile; we have recorded musicians in diverse genres—including classical, country, jazz, hip hop, rock and blues—and spoken word artists, as well as corporate clients such as Volvo of America, Marriott International, and Penguin Group (USA)—recording projects such as audio books, voiceovers, jingles, and training manuals.

Our studio is comfortable, large, and architecturally designed for high-end sound production. The live room is 800 square feet, with 20 foot ceilings—perfect for orchestras, choirs, and big drum sounds. And its multiple isolation booths allow bands to easilly record in one room. The control room is also a very spacious 700 square feet.

Once your music recording is completed we also offer graphic design and duplication and replication services from 10 to 100,000 copies to help you fully complete and release your next project! In addition to audio recording and production services we also offer dvd duplication, and a variety of digital transfers (cassette to cd, LP/45 to cd, vhs to cd, vhs to dvd, and reel-to-reel to cd).

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