Talbot Snow

Talbot Snow has more titles than will fit on a normal business card. Musician, Producer, Director, Sound Engineer, Photographer, Videographer, Dishwasher, and the list goes on. So how did he come to wear so many hats?It comes from a lifetime of being absorbed in art and music. It started when Talbot was a boy, growing up – first in New Zealand, then later, developing his artistic abilities in Las Vegas. During his teenage years, he transitioned from the piano to electronic music and discovered his affinity for electronics and sound equipment.In the mid 80’s, Talbot took out a small loan, and started his first recording studio. Sound Masters of Las Vegas was born, and some of Talbot’s lifelong ambitions were beginning to materialize. Dubbed Sound Masters: Studio One, this first studio was home to Talbot and thousands of different music-projects spanning many years.

Several years later, Talbot started construction on Sound Masters (SMLV): Studio Two, the current primary location of Sound Masters. The space is large enough to house his entire collection of state-of-the-art and vintage sound equipment, and can accommodate varying musical acts—from a single vocalist to an entire band. At the same time, and after repeated requests from his clients, Talbot expanded his business to include Photography, Video, Graphic and Web Design. Being the gear junkie that he is, Talbot researched extensively for the best cameras and lighting equipment available. After much practice and trial and error, he has become an outstanding photographer and producer of some of the hottest local music videos and commercials around.

But Talbot isn’t finished. His sights have now turned to the next evolution of the Sound Masters space – an entire building filled with multiple studios, a sound stage, even a nightclub. He sees it as a multimedia circus under one roof, where artists can work… and even live. And given that this Kiwi has already progressed from mild-mannered singer to high school rocker to renowned producer, no one should doubt that he’ll bring his new vision to life.

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