Steve Sundholm

Steve’s introduction to the audio world started shortly after he was born. Before he could walk, Steve’s father, Conrad Sundholm (founder of Sunn Amps and Biamp Electronics) handed him a soldering iron and put him to work in the family basement. (It was the 70’s, and child labor laws were not what they are these days…) After a 7-year tour of duty in the Los Angeles music scene, Steve has recently come back to his hometown of Portland, where he and his wife can raise their two sons close to family.

Steve’s first “big break” in the music business came when he produced Grammy-Nominated artist Jim Brickman’s song “Hideaway”, which peaked at #3 on the Billboard AC Chart. Shortly after that, Steve was offered the Chief Engineer position at NightBird Studios (formerly The Studio at the Sunset Marquis Hotel). From hanging out listening to mixes with Green Day, to recording Carrie Underwood singing the National Anthem for the Super Bowl, NightBird provided Steve a rare opportunity to work alongside an incredible list of musical icons of all genres.
Being blessed with the chance to observe and collaborate with so many incredibly talented producers and engineers gave Steve a chance to learn creative and technical workflow techniques from the biggest names in the business. The result is Steve’s unique approach to the record-making process. Fusing an analog sound with digital polish, Steve’s skills are in demand world-wide.

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