Sharrief Thomas

Most of the time, building a career requires moving, evolving, and learning over time. One’s “career” is the byproduct of work that’s done in the present, the things you do while you’re in the pocket, perfecting your craft.

Sharrief Thomas knows about this intimately. This writer/producer/engineer and artist in his own right was exposed to the Recording Connection program when he was recording at Quad Studios in New York City. Seeing our program at work led Sharrief to become a mentor himself. Today he helps our students hone their chops, gain skills, and plan for their futures while gleaning a first-hand understanding of how the music industry works from a creative and business perspective at Water Music Publishing, an independent music publishing and media company run by Sharrief and business partner Big Bug, whose known for his work with Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Sean Combs, and as one of the original members of the 90s R&B group, Today.

While recording at Quad, Sharrief and another Recording Connection mentor, Sax DMA, decided to give a number of RC externs the opportunity to earn engineering credits on his forthcoming album. “We had to turn down kids that wanted to join,” Sharrief says. And a number of notable artists came in to help on vocals including Sky Heavens, backup singer for Eminem, and Big Bub himself. “It was just the students getting to be in a live situation with real, live artists.”

Today, as a Recording Connection mentor himself, Sharrief externs students at Water Music Publishing in Bloomfield, NJ, just outside of New York City.

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