Richie Beretta

Sevensound’s Chief Engineer, Richie Beretta is a multi-faceted musician, internationally known writer/producer and educator. With over 15 years of studio experience, there isn’t many styles or genres that he is a stranger to. He grew up in New York City with a love for punk and reggae but has written, mixed, and produced almost every genre from Metal to J-pop. He has also worked for some of the biggest names in music like Beyoncé and Major Lazer.

Richie is just as passionate about sharing his love of how music is made as he is about making it.  In 2013 he began cultivating the talent of future engineers and hit makers at the world’s leading electronic audio institute, Dubspot. Since then he also started and coordinates possibly one of the first and only live mixing tutorials on

SEVENSOUND is a production company founded by producer and New York City native, Richie Beretta. Built with his own two hands he created a full service production house that is an affordable alternative to the “big facility” experience for both independent and major label artists.

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