Niko Bolas & Al Schmitt

Niko Bolas is known as a “vibe oriented” producer/engineer in music studios and in forays with hi-tech companies. He has recorded and produced music and technology since starting at the famous Record One Studio in 1979.

In music, he’s cut with a wide spectrum…

Classic Artists – Neil Young (The Volume Dealers), Billy Joel, Rod Stewart, Stan Getz, Herbie Hancock, Keith Richards, Herb Alpert, KISS, Steve Perry…

Contemporary Artists – John Mayer, Los Lonely Boys, LeAnn Rimes, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, The Mavericks…

Emerging Artists – RACES, The Vim Dicta, Incan Abraham…

Film work spans “The Breakfast Club”, “Singles”, Scorcese’s “Lightning In A Bottle”, and Beyonce’s “Cadillac Records”.

In ’89 Niko co-founded Fakespace Music, and at computer graphics conference SIGGRAPH ’95 in Los Angeles, débuted two new patented music technologies in Virtual Reality.

In ’98 he co-founded internet radio company Sonicbox, and as President/CEO, successfully raised venture capital, and integrated Sonicbox technologies with several consumer products (Acer, Panasonic, Phillips). In 2000 the company was re-named iM Networks and in 2001 merged with Japan’s software giant Softbank.

Niko moved to Nashville in 2006, and set up a room at the amazing Blackbird Studios. He bought George Jone’s former house where he could fire up his secret passion, Bird Watching, which he did every free chance he got, along with his pet, Shovelhead.

In late 2010, Niko moved back to Los Angeles, where he promptly set up a the now infamous Surf Shack mix room in the Capitol Records tower…

Niko is also technical advisor to the Microsoft Surface (multi-touch computing) project in Los Angeles.

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