Matt Linesch

Recording Connection is happy to welcome producer/engineer Matt Linesch from Ocean Way Recording to our mentor-family!

Ocean Way is a world-renowned studio that has worked with many of music’s biggest names. The multiple-award-winning studio boasts four locations including two in LA, one in Nashville, and one in St. Barths in the French West Indies. All told, this powerhouse studio has been in on the ground level of project which have sold more than one billion units globally!

Working out of the Ocean Way Hollywood location, Linesch is an LA native. The producer and engineer’s deep love and dedication for making music was fostered from a young age. An independent musician in his own right, he feels a great sense of accomplishment from working with artists and helping them to develop their own unique sounds. Personal and creative growth are a big part of what he’s about and Linesch is always checking in to see where his expertise and relationships can help take a project and an artist to the next level.

As this pro’s career continues to thrive as a producer and engineer, so does his passion for making his own music. For him, everything is connected. Ultimately, the goal is to share the music he believes in and to continue building a life that’s wholly centered around music.

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