Soul Haven – John Terrell

When you choose the Recording Connection Audio Engineering and Music Production Program, you’ll get much more than a few lessons on Ableton Live, Logic Pro, or other digital audio workstations. You’ll learn more than setting up mics, positioning monitors, or the business side of the industry.

When you work one-on-one with one of our mentors from inside their studio, you’ll get the full professional recording experience. You’ll work on what you need, expand your strengths, and get the opportunities to learn how a recording session needs to be run to create something special.

“I had dyslexia, and I struggled through school until I had a music teacher who put a little more energy behind me, and music became my obsession,” Terrell says. “So I think, even on a grade school level, traditional school isn’t really for everybody. There are so many different ways to learn…It’s about finding stuff you’re passionate about.

“The two people I’m mentoring now, one is a military veteran who has so little technology experience, so a lot of our lesson is just getting comfortable with computers, and then implementing the lessons. Another student I have is super great with computers, so I’m sharing more of the music side of it with him. That’s the beauty of this program.”

Terrell captures the essence of what Recording Connection can offer. Our curriculum is based around what YOU need, not some syllabus that has been regurgitated year after year. Because you’re not vying for attention in a classroom, you have the undivided attention of your mentor.

“I think it’s about finding your pocket, and the beautiful thing about this industry is there are so many different things you can go into,” Terrell says. “It doesn’t matter how you learn or what you have difficulties with, you can find something for you…. You don’t have to go in with some base level, ‘Okay, you have to have these credentials. Now you can go.’”

Understanding, Building Relationships

One thing that can’t be taught in a book, or a YouTube video, or any other learning method is how to “read the room.” We feel the only way to truly understand how to work with artists, audio engineers, music producers, and others within the industry is to jump in and get your hands dirty – or just keep your mouth shut.

“When people are in the studio creating, it’s a very sensitive environment,” Terrell says. “So you have to figure out the level of humor in the room. There are some clients where you can make an offhand joke and it’s fine. Some people, it throws off the game. And so you have to figure out the relationship in the room, who’s leading the session, and then understand the pecking order.”

Just like in any other business, the music industry has a certain hierarchy. Of course, that could change between a local up and comer and an international superstar. No matter the case, stepping on toes or upsetting the chain of command will leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

“You’re the assistant,” Terrell says. “So if you have something that you want to suggest, like, telling people, ‘Hey, this would work well.’ If you go to the artist and say that, now you’ve bypassed the producer, engineer, and the other members of the band, when really you’re just there to take notes and move a mic. So understanding the order in which things need to happen, and how to creatively suggest things [is important].”

When working with your mentor, learn the cues he/she gives and takes with the artists they’re working with. As you gain more experience, you will learn some of those cues for yourself. And be sure to make yourself useful.

“Also, make sure the needs of the room are met,” Terrell says. “So if somebody looks a little uncomfortable, just sort that out. But yeah, etiquette is everything in the room. So much of this business comes down to, ‘I don’t like that guy.’ So you just need to be the person everybody wants to be around and be honest and genuine.”

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