Greg White

At S.M.A.R.T. Productions Greg has honed his skills at producing, arranging, engineering, and gained a great deal of music business knowledge while running the studio. In 2000 Greg started the publishing company Blue Sky International Music to bring songs to his clients who needed material for their projects. In September of 2005 Greg was asked to join the Jamie Richards Band. Greg having recently been married told his wife Sara he would never go on the road again but this opportunity was too good to pass. So Greg scaled back his responsibilities at the studio and hit the road again a few days a week while still producing and engineering sessions at S.M.A.R.T. In April of 2006 Sara gave birth to their son Simon, and Greg left the Jamie Richards Band as a musician but added them as a client.

In June of 2006 Sara was surfing the net and ran across a studio for sale in Fort Worth, TX. This was the opportunity they had been waiting for. In October Greg and Sara purchased Sounds Great Productions and relocated to Fort Worth.

Since moving to Fort Worth and purchasing SG Studios in ’08, Greg has produced countless charting songs; 6 top ten singles and 3 top 5 singles on the Texas Music Chart, including #1 with Jamie Richards ‘Drive.’ In 2011, SG Studios won the Fort Worth Weekly’s critics choice for Best Recording Studio. Greg has had the honor of working in the studio with Six Market Blvd., Dustin Perkins, Cooder Graw, Gary P. Nunn, Tommy Alverson, Walt Wilkins, as well as many other Up and Coming artists in the market.

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