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DJ Axenzo

Axenzo had recently graduated San Diego State University with a degree in mechanical engineering when he found that having achieved a major life goal, namely getting a degree to make his parents happy, had quite an interesting effect on him. Now that he’d achieved that, what else was possible? What could he achieve if he pursued something he was downright passionate about—music.

While an engineering student, Axenzo had tried to double in music but the classes weren’t stimulating and were “very theoretical” with nothing practical or new to offer. Brewing at the back of his mind for years been the idea of learning how to produce EDM. While it wasn’t a choice his mother would consider practical, to him it was the natural conclusion. Axenzo was an active EDM explorer who attended shows regularly, a lifelong musician who played guitar and piano, and even wrote melodies on a whim. Music was just the thing going on in his mind.

After completing his college degree with high marks, Axenzo spent a number of months training with a professional EDM music mentor who taught him Pro Tools and Logic with direct, one-on-one lessons. Although he already knew how to play a couple instruments he’d never set his hands on a DAW. Nevertheless he excelled fast, and consistently challenged himself while getting hands-on training and tips from his music mentor, a longtime engineer and EDM producer himself. During his time in the program Axenzo was able to create his own EDM songs, first starting on MIDI, then composing from within a digital environment. Crossing the bridge from having to play and record, to creating digitally “opened a door” for the EDM creator and DJ.

In the two years since graduating the program, Axenzo has built a promising career in EDM as a DJ who has opened for Bob Sinclar, Robin Schulz, Steve Aoki, Marshmello, Borgeous, Nicky Romero, among others. Nevertheless, for him DJing and especially composing new material as a producer is a never ending journey. The great unifier isn’t by genre or culture for the rising talent. Regularly dipping into multiple genres and researching far and wide, Axenzo is in quest of something singularly specific: “I’m trying to create something that every time people listen to my tracks they’ll know it’s me. That’s my focus right now. I’m working on it every day.”

Now, the melodies and musical ideas Axenzo used to write on a whim are being put to use professionally as he divides his workdays between producing new material and performing at venues. He says, he’s even got a surefire way of capturing the music when it hits: “I open the recorder on my phone and just sing the melody to myself. Even if I’m in the shower, I’ll get out and record it.”

Now versed in Ableton as well as Logic and Pro Tools, Axenzo is fluent in the various DAWS and he’s confident in his capacity to continually explore and grow as an artist. And as for future goals, he’s got a few: “I definitely would like to play in big festivals. Hopefully at Ultra Miami, EDC Las Vegas, and I would like to go worldwide. I’m working on it. I know there’s lots of competition, but I think nothing is impossible.”

As for the time he spent as an extern in the program, Axenzo says, “It was an amazing journey. I am extremely thankful.”

Axenzo currently performs weeklies at The Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas, Nevada, and The Pool House and Sunset Vibes in San Diego, California.

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