Brian Coombes

Brian Coombes is an award-winning producer, engineer, musician, and songwriter who works with performers in a variety of musical genres, but tends to focus on singer/songwriter projects, modern folk, alt-country/Americana, and indie-pop/rock. With influences ranging from Americana to progressive rock, Brian combines his love of interesting instrumentation, quirky keyboards, melodic hooks, and lush vocal harmonies with an extensive technical knowledge of the recording process to create releases that are both artistically and sonically rewarding. Please visit the Discography page for a listed of projects Brian has produced.

Brian has been a touring and recording musician and songwriter since the 1980’s. He was a founding member of Tristan Park, a progressive rock band that was signed to the British record label, GFT Ltd. The band recorded four albums and toured extensively in Europe and North America before going into hiatus in 1998.

Following his time with Tristan Park, Brian wrote, recorded, and mixed a collection of songs with his wife, Michelle, and a group of musicians that included future Rocking Horse Studio partner, David Pierog. The resulting album, Waking in the Blue’s “Isn’t It Pretty to Think So?,” was released by Griffin Music in 2003. The disc featured guest appearances by Squeeze vocalist Chris Difford and King Crimson multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald.

In 2014, Brian was nominated for a “Producer of the Year” award at the New England Music Awards, received two Emmy Award nominations for his work with WMUR-TV Channel 9 in Manchester, NH, and received a “Best Producer” award from the Best of NH Awards. He received the “Producer of the Year” award from the New England Music Awards in 2015.

Brian is a voting member of both the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy (NARAS) and a member of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

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