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Boasting the largest recording studio space in the state of South Carolina, Columbia Recording Connection mentors are able to handle some of the biggest hitters in the biz. Big Redd, Big Quan, and Kid Anthem are just a few of the artists our mentors have worked with in addition to corporate clients like Verizon Wireless.

The studio is big enough to house two isolation rooms as well as the main studio. The studio is large enough to handle a 50-voice choir whole still feeling intimate for solo acts. The control is comfortable, yet big enough to handle collaborative efforts, anchored by an Otari Concept 1 Console.

Pro Tools, an iZ RADAR Nyquist digital recorder, and mountains of plug-ins top the list of the newest technological gear, although they still make room for 2-inch analog recording hardware. Tannoy, Genelec, and Yamaha monitors make you hear the music as it should be heard and enough variety of mics, amps, pre-amps, and other equipment to capture the ideal sound of whatever client you’ll be working with.

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