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Learn Reason with the Recording Connection
Learn Reason with the Recording Connection

Learn Reason with the Recording Connection

An infinite number of sounds, effects, recording and mixing capabilities—all at your fingertips.

Are you a “gearhead”—the kind of person who dreams of stacks of rack-mounted modules, amps and processors that you can wire into a whole array of configurations? Welcome to Reason—the audio production software that lets you create virtual racks in endless combinations, all on your computer!

Like other DAWs, Reason comes with its own set of recording and production tools, allowing you to record both internal and external instruments, add effects processing, and mix and master your tracks all in one place. But for gearheads who also love working in the virtual space, Reason combines the best of both, offering a massive library of sounds, effects, synths, drum machines and other virtual instruments which can be added to your virtual rack and configured at will. If this were hardware, it would take up rooms full of racks; instead, it’s all on your desktop. Create amazing vintage analog synth patches with the Subtractor Analog Synth, or build brilliant beats with the Redrum Drum Computer. It’s all here, and more—right at your fingertips. And if you’re looking for a sound or effect not contained in Reason, the Rack Extension feature lets you add components created for Reason by third-party developers! The possibilities are truly endless.

Reason makes it easy to add modules to your rack and automatically connects them—but if you like to do your own “tweaking” of the configuration, you can do that too! Use the Toggle Rack command to flip your rack around to the rear view, and do your own virtual plugging and unplugging right there.

If you love creating and producing music in the virtual world, you’ll love working with Reason, just like the artists listed below. Recording Connection can place you for one-on-one instruction with a producer/engineer who uses Reason regularly in the studio, so you can learn to master this powerful tool for yourself!

Who uses Reason?

  • Owl City
  • The Flaming Lips
  • Matt Squire
  • Emery
  • Kidz In the Hall
  • iwrestledabearonce
  • Chris Henderson
  • Sophia Hardig

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