Judge Mathis and the Recording Connection: Teaming up to Create Unique Career Opportunities


Television’s Judge Mathis has teamed up with The Recording Connection (a unique externship-based audio school) to provide career opportunities for troubled young people, enabling them to learn the arts of recording, audio engineering and music production by externing in real recording studios under the personal instruction of real audio engineers and music producers. Thanks to The Connectors scholarship fund, these six-month, in-studio externships are offered at NO CHARGE to qualified candidates.

Through this unique program, the student will be placed in a real recording studio in the student’s local area, and paired with a working audio professional who will teach the student one-on-one in the studio. Through a combination of a structured curriculum, in-studio lessons and participation on real recording projects, the student will learn the ins and outs of audio production by working as an extern. In approximately six months, by proving himself/herself through hard work and dedication, the student will have both the qualifications and the connections to continue into a career in the exciting recording industry. Best of all, thanks to the partnership between Judge Mathis and the Recording Connection, this opportunity will be offered to qualified candidates.


Judge Mathis has an established reputation for giving back to the community, not just with his television show, but also with his other endeavors such as the Mathis Community Center in Detroit, Young Adults Asserting Themselves (YAAT), and Prisoner Empowerment Education and Respect (PEER). This partnership with the Recording Connection to provide no-charge audio engineering externships is just one more extension of Mathis’ and the Recording Connection’s combined commitment to the community.


When Judge Mathis invited Brian Kraft, Chief Academic Officer of the Recording Radio Film Connection to appear on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers to give away an externship opportunity to a troubled young man named Tracy Wilson, the experience was nothing short of inspiring for all involved. This prompted Kraft, along with the school’s CEO James Petulla, to establish The Connectors scholarship fund to expand the externship opportunity to others who need a hand up. Through the scholarship fund, no-charge externships in a variety of careers are now regularly made available to qualified candidates. It is through this program that the Recording Connection is now partnering with Judge Mathis to provide these externship opportunities.


Traditional colleges or trade schools typically follow a classroom format where some students, unfortunately, can fall through the cracks. By contrast, externship allows the student to be guided and instructed one-on-one by someone with proven success in their chosen career. The Recording Connection uses the mentor-extern method exclusively, combining in-studio mentoring with a structured curriculum to give the extern an unmatched opportunity to connect to the recording industry, and to a new career.

Judge Mathis and the Recording Connection have partnered to provide this one-of-a-kind learning opportunity at NO COST to those who need it. To learn more about the Recording Connection, please click here.

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