Paragon Recording Studio, Chicago


Paragon Recording Studio's spacious facility and outstanding recording services are available 24/7.  The main tracking room at 36' x 24' is one of the largest in Chicago, and can easily accomodate large bands.  

Among the thousands of bands and musical artists that have graced the halls of Paragon Recording Studios are The Eagles, Michael Jackson, Ike & Tina Turner, B.B. King, Natalie Cole, Vic Damone, Willie Dixon, Foghat, The Four Tops, Peter Gabriel, Gladys Knight, Muhammed Ali, Buddy Miles, Phil Ramone, REO Speedwagon, Rod Stewart, Styx, Weather Report and Frank Zappa



The positives of Recording Connection are the real life application of the things you learn in the classroom. You have a book that’s comprehensive. You sit down with the teacher, he goes over it and then you apply those concepts. 

It’s real, it’s a double benefit. I mean you teach someone, you see them, you see their will to learn and you see if they are intrigued and what not. And that helps you to teach the material as well and you better yourself in doing that as a mentor because every time you say something you’re reiterating it to yourself as well as to the student. So the student gets the information and sees that you have a passion for it and then they see that passion, they get turned on by the passion if you will. 

You can go to a school, a university who gives you an education and then you seek out an internship afterward. Or you can do it through Recording Connection where you go to school and get the internship at the same time. And then you get that information and then you can potentially even continue on with the studio as an employee. 

I think they both methods of education have their benefits. It really depends on the student. 

I would rather learn the Recording Connection way because I’m a one-on-one person myself. If I have a question to ask I want to ask it then in the middle of the conversation. I don’t have to wait till the end of the class where I have forgotten my whole train of thought. I would rather say oh, wait a minute, lets back up a little bit. That sine wave if it’s slightly out of phase, I want to go over what that means again. I want the students to be able to ask that as well and I want them to know that information before they leave that day. 

I do recommend the Recording Connection for that reason. You are one on one with the teacher and you’re in a real facility and you’re working with real artists. 



I’m with the Recording Connection and I’m currently studying at the Paragon Studios in Chicago and I found the Recording Connection through the internet. Actually my dad found it. We were looking for schools. We came across it and looked into it a little more and it seemed to be the thing that was perfect for me. 

Just learning about things like amplitude, different wave forms, sine waves, phase, what phase can be, (your best friends or your worst enemy as I have heard) and it’s basically just getting into the basics. I like the book stuff right now, that’s just a brain buster but it’s good to learn. It’s interesting yeah, even though it might be the book stuff, it’s still really interesting to learn. 

My best way of learning is one-on-one with someone hands-on rather than sitting in a classroom reading through a book and basically learning from someone who isn’t in a studio right there with me. So we came to find this and it has everything that is not a college. Like it’s the perfect school for me. 

I recommend the Recording Connection to anyone who really wants to learn about sound engineering because the teachers are going to be great. You’re going to learn a lot and you won’t be disappointed in the money that you spend with this program. So go out there and try it and enjoy it. 

Recording Connection provides unique, mentor-based programs that are affordable, so you can stay in control of your finances.

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