A Brief Overview of
The Recording Connection

Do some cities have better mentors?Do some cities have better mentors?

We’re not going to lie to you. The biggest names in audio engineering and music production tend to be in cities like Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and Atlanta—the cities where much of today’s music is being made. However, there are tons of highly qualified audio engineers and music producers that live and work in cities large and small like Bozeman, Minneapolis, Honolulu, Detroit, Fargo, Chicago, Corpus Christi, Seattle and more. Regardless of where you live, we have the hookups to find you a great mentor.


How long does your program last?How long does your program last?

Most of our programs are designed to last six months.  Your length of time may vary based on the time you make available for your studies.  A list of all our programs is here.


What do I get when I graduate?What do I get when I graduate?

You get three things when you graduate from the Recording Connection.  The first is a certificate of completion.  The second is a skill set that you have used in actual recording studio sessions—in other words, actual job experience you can put on your resume.  The third is one year of job placement assistance which has enabled the Recording Connection to have a job placement success rate of over 72%.  Read some of our student success stories here.


What courses do you offer?What programs do you offer?

We offer programs in EDM, IDM, Trance, Hip Hop, Beat Making, Audio Engineering, Music Producing, Electronic Music Production, Music Business, Live Sound, DJ, and more.  A full list of our program offerings is here.


Who endorses you?Who endorses you?

Pretty much every “A” list audio engineer and music producer on the planet including:  Common, Dave Pensado, F Reid Shippen, Hans Zimmer, Herb Trawick, Tim Palmer, Al Schmitt, Warren Huart and countless more.  Find out who else endorses us here.


How are you different than other schools?How are you different than other schools?

Let us count the ways:

  • You learn one on one.  Just you and the audio professional you are learning from.
  • Your classroom is a real recording studio, not some campus lab.
  • We have more locations than any other audio school so you don’t have to move to attend us.
  • Flexible class time—in most instances we can work your education around any job or study commitments you have.
  • Costs and expenses that are reasonable and affordable.
  • Incredible job assistance and job search support upon graduation.  That’s why 72% of our graduates are working in the music business.


How old do I have to be to attend Recording Connection?How old do I have to be to attend Recording Connection?

We’ve had students in their early teens. However, if you are under 18 you will need to have your parent or legal guardian approve your application.


Can I still attend Recording Connection even if I didn’t graduate high school or don’t have my GED?Can I still attend Recording Connection even if I didn’t graduate high school or don’t have my GED?

While we would never advocate not finishing high school or its equivalent, we would never hold it against you. As long as you can read, write, speak English and have basic computer skills and a passion for music, you’re eligible to apply.


Do you offer career help?Do you offer career help?

Absolutely.  In fact, we think getting our graduates a job in the music industry is the most important thing we do.  That’s why we offer up to a year’s worth of job assistance once you graduate.  We’re pretty good at it too, as these student success stories will tell you.


Do you guarantee me a job in the music industry after I graduate?Do you guarantee me a job in the music industry after I graduate?

Of course not. No school can make that guarantee. However, almost three out of every four Recording Connection graduates finds work in the music industry within a year of graduation. In fact, many of our students get hired before they’ve even finished their apprenticeship (externship). We teach you the technical skills you’ll need in the music industry, immerse you in a professional working environment, and give you access to industry contacts to network with. More importantly, you start off from day one with your foot in the door of a professional recording studio. If you can prove yourself indispensable to their operation during your apprenticeship (externship), odds are they will hire you. Countless graduates are still working at the same recording studios where they apprenticed through The Recording Connection because they took this advice to heart.


Where are your classrooms?Where are your classrooms?

Our classrooms are located all over the United States.  We have more than 250 locations so there’s sure to be one near you.  Even cooler, our classrooms are inside real commercial recording studios that have produced records from many of your favorite artists.


Who are your teachers?Who are your teachers?

All of our teachers are working audio professionals—audio engineers, music producers, mixers etc. who do what you will be studying for a living.  Depending on where you live, your teacher may very well have dozens of Gold Records under his belt, not to mention an Emmy Award or two.  More information about our apprenticeship method of education and our mentors (instructors) is found here.


Where are you located?Where are you located?

Where are you located? A lot closer than you probably think. Chances are we have a location within easy commute distance of where you live. We are in more than 250 cities and towns across the United States, including yours. A full list of our locations is available here.


Do you provide student housing?Do you provide student housing?

Not at this time.  But remember, you don’t have to move to attend the Recording Connection so if you already have a roof over your head, your housing is taken care of.


Do you take international students?Do you take international students?

We accept international students provided they have the necessary VISA requirements. As for VISA issues, upon acceptance into our program we are more than happy to furnish a letter of enrollment for your consulate/embassy to qualify you for a visitor visa. It is recommended, however, that you attend a community college in your city of choice as they have the necessary facility and faculty to petition F1/J1 Student Visas. A Student Visa is valid for the entire duration of your studies at the community college, and would enable you more than enough time to attend this program and take full advantage of our Job Placement Assistance program afterwards.


I’m interested. What’s the best way to get started?I’m interested. What’s the best way to get started?

Whether you’re ready to enroll or just seeking more information, the quickest way to get your questions answered or begin the enrollment process is to call 800-755-7597 and ask to speak to one of our highly qualified admissions counselors. Based on your goals with The Recording Connection, they will match you with a mentor—a professional audio engineer or music producer who works in your area. Then we’ll set up a meeting with your proposed mentor and decide if you want them to show you how to become the musical person you want to be.