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Your First Step
Your First Step

Your First Step

Learn from professionals who are in the business, not people who were in the business.

The first step toward your new career features our structured course curriculum in Audio Engineering and Music Producing, which is packed full of useful information. In addition to the curriculum, you will also receive, at no additional charge, your very own copy of Pro Tools, and the Modern Recording Techniques textbook.

Our structured course curriculum is comprised of 20 lessons. Each lesson is comprehensive, and as a Recording Connection student extern, you will work at a pace of one lesson per week. The work is intense and demanding. Most students find that each lesson takes about 10 hours of homework per week, combined with about the same number of hours of hands-on learning in the studio. You will also have the opportunity to be a part of labs and regular interning.

PLEASE NOTE: Recording Connection students are just that: students. While interning is a part of our educational program, 90% of what you will be doing as a student extern is learning this structured course curriculum privately in one-on-one settings with your mentor.

We also help you with Job Placement Assistance

Audio production student using recording equipment

A wide variety of exciting, creative and financially rewarding careers are available in the music, broadcasting and film industries for trained audio engineers and music producers. The Recording Connection Audio Institute is designed to give you the proper training, which, combined with your own ambition and motivation, can open the door to a challenging and rewarding career in the arts and entertainment industries.

All approved Recording Connection graduates are eligible for entry in our Stay Connected Job Assistance Program after their training. This exciting program offers an additional 20 lessons specifically designed to further advance your career in the music recording industry. The Recording Connection Audio Institute has seen many of its graduates go on to paid employment in the industry.

Your Opportunity Is Waiting

Many of our students have been hired by the studios where they did their training. We find that once the studio personnel get to know you and like you, many times they end up hiring you! As a student with the Recording Connection, you have an advantage over other college school graduates because you’re already in the door. Thus, when an opening arises (and since your mentor is probably the one doing the hiring), you’ll get the first opportunity for the job when it is available. It’s much easier for a studio to hire someone who is already familiar with that particular facility.

While other schools just send you lists of job openings from various trade publications, the Recording Connection will actually initiate your application. We are in direct contact with studio managers, record companies and studio owners all over the world, every day. When you are “job ready,” we will open the doors and make sure your application is separated from the pile. You will know where to apply, and what openings are available, before anyone else.

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