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Guitar Center Supplies Recording Connection Students with Hardware and Software

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 9, 2012–The Recording Connection is honored to announce our taking yet another step to provide equipment and support to our students across the country. Our program has partnered with Guitar Center® and Guitar Center Professional (GC Pro) to continue supplying our students with recording software and hardware nationwide. Once again the Recording Connection is giving its students the inside track to obtain the best equipment, education and experience to find their way in todays industry.

As our students need the best quality equipment to take what they’ve learned in the studio, and continue practicing out, we need them to have access to the same tools our professional mentors use. To help them grow as engineers, and to provide opportunities to practice at home, our program provides each student with an audio input device (the most up-to-date version of the Mbox® Mini) and the latest version of Pro Tools® software. In the past these products have come from smaller suppliers which could take time in shipping or fail to meet the demands of our student’s requests to upgrade their gear. With the size and shipping capabilities of Guitar Center and GC Pro our students will be more secure than ever in knowing their equipment will be ready and waiting when their curriculum calls for it.

Guitar Center, just like the Recording Connection, started assisting and supplying musicians and engineers the equipment and connections to grow as artists from Los Angeles, CA. As the industry began expanding more and more independent artists were able to support their passion with help through organizations like ours. Now that Guitar Center is the world leader in music retailing it makes sense to partner with a program that has found a way for engineers and producers the world over to find their unique voice in the ever-changing world of audio production.

The Recording Connection and Guitar Center don’t just stop at providing equipment and services to its patrons; Guitar Center started the Fender Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps support music education. Both our programs are committed to spreading the importance of arts and education the world over, a commitment we look to strengthen with our partnership.

If you are a member of the Recording Connection, do yourself a favor and find the nearest Guitar Center. They have over 230 locations in 44 states the Recording Connection is already operating in. If you’re not in need of some toys, be sure to check out the events and programs your local store may host or sponsor.

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