Recording Connection and the Grammy Awards Partner Up

The Recording Connection is proud to announce yet another scholarship opportunity towards careers in audio engineering and music production to. In our continued effort to help those without the means to see their dreams into reality we have partnered with The Grammy Foundation, in conjunction with The Recording Academy, and GRAMMY U (University) to turn dreams into reality (through hard work). The Recording Connection will be providing qualifying students the opportunity to learn their craft in a fully operational recording studio under the tutelage of our industry mentors in cities all across the country.

The Recording Connection is a six-month, one-on-one, externship program for audio engineering, music production and MUCH more. Studios in every major city across the country are accepting our members into private, professional facilities to sharing their secrets of success in this industry. Each extern receives an immersive education that combines at-home study with in-depth career tracking to provide opportunities beyond that of the college experience.

Our idea is simple and works in tune with the teachings of GRAMMY U. Our programs have understood that every individual doesn’t thrive in the academic environment of today. GRAMMY U is a creation of The Recording Academy (the governing body of the Grammy Awards) to use networking, educational programs and performance opportunities to help prepare students for a career in the music industry.

Divided into 12 chapters GRAMMY U’s Texas Chapter (covering Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma) will be working with The Recording Connection to offer scholarships to our bachelors equivalent and masters programs. Soon The Recording Connection will be expanding this opportunity to the reaming chapters, where The Recording Connection already works with participating studios in every major city. Not every person with a passion for the music arts has the means to attend our program. To help us and those committed towards a future in the arts The Recording Connection has joined Grammy U to assists would-be artist and technicians of tomorrow with todays industry leaders. Help us and The Grammys empower young men and women through a quality education in the music arts.

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