Graduate Peter Rodriguez works with Hip Hop Artist Hunter O’Neil

No matter the location and no matter the artist (big or small) we are proud to say we not only provide real-world opportunities to our members but the chance to learn and think on their feet. So while many college students can shut their eyes and “follow the leader” in large universities our students get to see what the real world presents and create their own classrooms.

“One of the guys that usually goes there (my mentor’s studio) a lot is Hunter O’Neil, this kid about 17. He’s a hip-hop pop singer and I recorded him different times for different songs and got to meet him and work with him and different people that record there. I recorded him at different times he was even there when I was actually making some beats for him. There was a lot of great people that I got to meet and work with and record them and have a good time and I didn’t ever think that I would have a chance but hey you’re there and I’m recording those people and pretty soon maybe I’ll meet more and more people that are even more famous but it doesn’t really matter, if you know different people and getting to work with bands it’s all great.”

Peter Rodriguez, Merietta, GA

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