Golfing for Education in the Arts! RRFC Co-Sponsors 2015 Recording Industry Golf Tournament™ in Los Angeles!

A Place Called HomeWe’re very happy and proud to have had the opportunity to co-sponsor the 2015 Recording Industry Golf Tournament™ which took place Monday, June 29th at the beautiful, historic MountainGate Country Club in Los Angeles, CA. It was great to join our many friends, mentors and fellow music industry professionals “on the links” to help raise funds to support music and arts programs at A Place Called Home, a non-profit community youth center in South Central Los Angeles. APCH serves youth ages 8-21, empowering them to stay in school, make positive life and career choices, and go on to pursue higher education and careers that make a positive contribution to their communities and the world. Music and recording technology are key components of the organization’s program offerings. Courses offered at APCH include: music theory, music appreciation, recording, audio production, voice, and performance ensemble. Visitors to the center may hear performances on piano, guitar, voice, saxophone, flute, percussion, strings and a variety of many other instruments. The dynamic APCH youth band also performs and records regularly.

Brian Kraft, Recording Connection C.O.O. and Chief Academic Officer attended the event and stated, “We ardently believe in the mission of helping individuals everywhere, and from every walk of life, to find and pursue their talents and thereby ultimately build thriving, successful careers for themselves in music and the arts.”

C.O.O. Brian Kraft gets a much-deserved back massage from RRF masseuse Anzu.Tournament players, including many of the music industry’s biggest and best, came to visit RRFC at the “RRFC hole” on the green and were met with handshakes and complimentary backrubs by our talented masseuse, Anzu. It was great to see so many old friends and Recording Connection mentors enjoying the day golfing and catching-up, while showing their support for the youth in Los Angeles.

A fun time was had by all the professionals who play such a big role in music today, including tournament co-chairs, recording industry giants Al Schmitt and Ed Cherney. Fellow sponsors include: the Audio Engineering Society (AES), Barefoot Sound, Bob Hodas Acoustic Analysis, Clyne Media, Audio-Technica, Guitar Center Professional, Hotel Angeleno, Hyundai, Icebox Water, JBL, Record Plant, NAMM, The Recording Studio Insurance Program, Slate Digital Sterling Audio,, Absolute Live Productions, TransAudio Group, Vintage King, Westlake Recording Studios, United Recording Studios, iZotope, Inc. and David M. Angress Consulting.

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