Glossary of Audio, Recording
and Music Terms "U"


Unbalanced Cable
Unbalanced Cable – A cable with two conductors (a signal wire and a ground wire) and connectors on each end. Unbalanced cables are often susceptible to electromagnetic interference and noise. Examples of unbalanced cables are guitar/instrument cables (also called tip-sleeve or TS cables) and RCA cables.


Unidirectional Pattern
Unidirectional Pattern – A microphone pick-up pattern which is more sensitive to sound arriving from one direction than from any other.


Unison – Several performers, instruments or sound sources that are sounding at the same time and with the same pitch.


Unity Gain
Unity Gain – The scenario in which there is no increase or decrease in signal strength at the output of an amplifier or device compared to the signal strength at the input (typically described as 0 dB).


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