David Gicking, one of our teachers and producer for legendary guitarist John Mayer is now accepting applicants to learn in his studio as an apprentice (extern) - Only through the Recording Connection.

David Gicking, Engineer for John Mayer is a Recording Connection Mentor
This is David’s studio, your classroom with the Recording Connection, the only program that gets you in the door of a Real Recording Studio as an extern.

More on David Gicking – Audio Engineer / Recording Connection Teacher

David Gicking is consistently hailed as one of the Recording Connection’s top rated mentors. We pride ourselves on only partnering with the best of the best, and David Gicking’s client list reads like a who’s-who list at a Grammy after party.

Gicking’s client list includes John Mayer, Three Doors Down, Jack White, Neil Diamond, Elvis, The Box Tops, Aretha Franklin, Bobby Womack, Evanescence, P Diddy, Hustle and Flow, 8 Ball and MJG, Biggy, David Buckley, Al Green, Anthony Hamilton, and Buddy Guy.

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Apprentice with David Gicking, Recording Connection Audio Teacher
The Recording Connection wants you to be in the best possible spot when it comes to career opportunities. That’s why when you enroll in our program, we pair you with a successful engineer or producer who will help you learn everything there is to know about the music industry. This includes everything from the basics of audio engineering to the proper ways of making industry connections.

How to Learn Music Producing and Engineering +
How to Break Into the Music Business:


Learn from a professional like David Gicking as his extern in his studio, where you will have a shot to prove yourself.


Avoid overpriced trade schools that train you in a classroom or labs.


Become a Recording Connection extern and learn one-on-one from the very person who is making the music you listen to and admire.


From a college instructor at a college?
– OR –
From David Gicking, one of the Recording Connection audio engineering school alternatives’ most acclaimed mentors?

The Recording Connection puts you next to people that can help you. It’s that simple. We get you in the door, we help you gain skills, and we help you make connections. The rest is up to you. If you’re serious about building a career in the music industry then apply to the Recording Connection.

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