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The Recording Connection Audio Institute is now enrolling students for our Rock & Roll Audio Engineering and Music Producing Program

Ask Yourself

+ Are you dreaming of a career as a Rock Music Producer, Songwriter, Audio Engineer or Recording Artist?
+ Are you already writing and playing beefy guitar riffs and great hooks that blow people away? Do you want to learn how to make them stand out on a record?
+ Do you record your own rock tunes at home but want to learn to do it at the professional level?
+ Do you dream of producing records that can stand toe-to-toe with some of the greatest rock records of all time?
+ Do you think you have what it takes to make it in the music business, if only you had the right connections?
+ Do you dream about creating the kind of anthems that people would rock out to in major arenas?
+ Do you have the work ethic and the passion that it’s going to take to turn your dreams into reality?


The Recording Connection is a training program recognized across the globe in music industry circles for its unique mentor-apprentice (extern) training approach.

The Recording Connection is known as the school that actually trains you in a real recording studio. The ONLY ONE.

The Recording Connection is a true starting point for your career as a rock and roll producer, engineer or recording artist, because we put you in the place where the engineers and producers are actually doing their stuff—and they are teaching you on-the-job!

Learn from Industry Pros

Why would you spend the OUTRAGEOUS tuition rates the other schools demand, especially when all they can do is stick you in a crowded classroom, put a meaningless diploma in your hand, and send you on your way with no real connection to the music business? All you have to do is ask the thousands of audio school graduates who never made it, and you’ll see how useless this is.

The Recording Connection takes a far more practical, 21st-Century approach. We know you will NEVER MAKE IT IN THIS BUSINESS WITHOUT CONNECTIONS, and that’s why we put you from day one in the very place where your CAN make those connections. We pair you with a real music producer or audio engineer in a real recording studio. And best of all—our tuition is 75 PERCENT LESS than the average audio school will ask you to pay!

The Recording Connection is endorsed by some of the top music industry professionals in the world because they see our results firsthand. We have HUNDREDS of rock producers and engineers who partner with us and teach our students for us—including some who have produced and recorded your favorite bands!

In short—and we don’t say this lightly–The Recording Connection is your ticket to the music industry.


Only a fool would actually believe that sitting in a college or trade school classroom is going to get him/her any closer to becoming a rock music producer, engineer or artist. It simply can’t be done. The ONLY place to learn to produce and record rock & roll is in the place where rock & roll is being recorded: in a real recording studio, working alongside a real pro.

The Recording Connection is a flexible training program that works around your schedule and your career goals, taking anywhere between 6 months and 24 months to complete. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice, an intermediate or an advanced student—our unique training approach is adaptable to your current skill level. APPLY FOR FREE and talk with one of our Admissions Counselors to find out the details. You’ll see that attending The Recording Connection is the smartest choice you can make for pursuing your dream of a career in the rock and roll music industry.

Let’s be clear: NO OTHER AUDIO SCHOOL COMES CLOSE to what we offer—and certainly not for the price. That’s not an idle boast—the top names in rock music would not endorse us or teach for us if we didn’t have the goods. There is simply NO REASON to go thousands of dollars into debt for a useless classroom education when we can SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY by putting you in the heart of the action. That’s just fact.

So that’s who we are: now we want to know about you. Call us, talk to us, tell us your dreams. Tell us what you want to do in the rock and roll music business. We know how to help you get there, and we can do it like NO OTHER SCHOOL CAN.

You don’t have to take our word for it—do the research and find out for yourself. We can help you pursue your dreams.

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If you think it doesn’t matter which audio school you attend, think again. Picking the wrong audio engineering school to become a rock and roll engineer or producer can actually HURT YOUR CHANCES FOR SUCCESS. Most of these schools will bury you in student debt, provide you with a diploma no one in the industry really cares about, and won’t actually help you connect to the music industry. There’s no quicker way to kill your dreams than by taking on crushing amounts of student debt right when you're trying to launch your career.

Think it can’t happen to you? It happens EVERY YEAR to THOUSANDS of promising artists, producers and engineers just like you who were duped into paying $25,000 or more on audio school. So widespread is this student debt problem that Rolling Stone Magazine recently wrote an article about it.

If you want to make it as a rock & roll producer, engineer or recording artist, you have to be smart about things. You have to make good decisions about how to pursue your career—and that starts by deciding RIGHT NOW that you’re not going to waste your time in some overpriced school that will only stick you in a crowded classroom with other people who want to “break in” to the business, but who have no real industry connections.


There’s a much smarter way to do this. You can get a solid education in audio production, learning on-the-job in a REAL studio from a real rock & roll music professional who can help connect you–and you can do this for a FRACTION of what it would cost you to attend a classroom-based program!

It’s time to change your thinking about how to break into the music industry. Overpriced, underperforming audio trade schools are so last century. APPRENTICESHIP-BASED AUDIO TRAINING IS THE FUTURE OF THE BUSINESS.

The Recording Connection Audio Institute is a ONE-OF-A-KIND apprenticeship (externship) training program that can give you REAL opportunities to pursue your dreams in a way no other school can offer. 
The Recording Connection is the school that will educate you INSIDE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY, alongside the pros, not in a classroom. We’re not kidding: we train you in a real recording studio, one-on-one with a real music producer. And we are the only audio school that does it this way.

Are you truly serious about pursuing a career in the rock music industry? Are you ready to get ahead of the competition that is still sitting in those classrooms we talked about? If so, read on…