Course 5 – Harmony

What is harmony? Strictly speaking, harmony is defined as two or more notes playing simultaneously to create a chord. When harmony is used to create a series of chords, we call that a chord progression. A chord progression, also known as harmonic progression, is a tool used in western music to create the tension and resolution which is at the core of what makes a particular piece of music interesting and emotive.

Chords can be used to guide a listener on an emotional journey, to set the background for a great vocal performance, or to add a feeling of closure, or one of unresolve or tension. Let’s get into how to use harmonics and chord progressions to craft songs which move, lift, crescendo, whisper, and rouse!


Be able to identify consonance and dissonance in a harmonic progression.
Be able to demonstrate the use of polyphonic instruments.
Be able to create a harmonic progression through programming a MIDI sequence.
Be able to create a harmonic progression through programming a MIDI sequence as a result of using a digital audio workstation and a basic knowledge of music production.

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