Course 2 – The DAW

Understanding one’s digital audio workstation or DAW is a key aspect of being a modern-day music producer who’s capable of creating and communicating various song and artistic ideas to other artists and professionals. Whether you choose to learn Pro Tools™ or Logic Pro X® this course will enable you to understand the basic functions of your DAW and its layout, identify its various tools, and demonstrate the ability to navigate its functions and communicate them to others with whom you will work (audio engineers, assistant engineers, songwriters, artists, etcetera). All in all, it’s a smart, solid foundational beginning to the development of your skills, talents, and knowledge in Recording Connection for Music Producing.

Logic Pro X® is professional music production software used by an array of producers and artists worldwide. This Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) has the capability to record live audio, create MIDI-based compositions, as well as offer unique ways to streamline music making. With powerful editing and processing tools and a comprehensive suite of effects and plugins, as a music producer you will use, navigate, and utilize this multifaceted tool to produce music and be a creator in the industry.

Pro Tools™ software has evolved a lot since its initial introduction as Sound Tools in 1989. Long regarded as the industry standard, Pro Tools™ is the most ubiquitous digital audio workstation in the world, across many facets of sound and music production, from video games to sound and music for film, to commercial music production, and more. It’s also, arguably, the most complex. With powerful processing tools and a comprehensive suite of effects and plugins, as a music producer you will use, navigate, and utilize the most pervasive of DAWs to create music and sound that moves people.


Understand the basic functions of their DAW and its layout.
Be able to identify the different tools available in the DAW.
Demonstrate basic ability to navigate the functions within the DAW.
Be able to construct artistic ideas within the DAW.
Be able to communicate the basic functions to others.

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