Course 16 – Session Players

Often the unsung heroes of a project, session players are crucial to the recording process because they can come in with little to no direction and bring a track to life with what they contribute. A good, live element on a record can mean the difference between cutting a decent track or a generational anthem.

Pro session players are virtuosos and specialists who are expected to be able to come into a session and do what’s needed in a timely manner. In this course, we’ll uncover how to work with a session player so that you can draw upon all they have to offer your project, whether you’re calling them in during the writing process, are hiring to record on a scratch track or demo, or are asking them to add that one missing elusive element. It’s important to make a smart, educated decision when choosing session players. We’ll get into all of it in this course, so hang on!


Understand the role of session players in the production process.
Understand when a session player is needed.
Make an informed decision on what to look for in session players.
Be able to use the techniques in this course to make an educated decision when choosing session players.

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