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Our insider access is your opportunity to make lasting hookups to launch your career as a music producer. Learn in private apprenticeship (externship) sessions from a professional music producer. Tuition is just $9,800.

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One On One Training From Industry Pros. Low Tuition – Convenient Locations To You. There is absolutely no obligation or application fee, and we will not share your information with anyone. We take your privacy seriously

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Why our music producing program works

Imagine how awesome it would be to have a career doing something you love. Think about what your life would be like if the recording studio were your office.

Music producing is an essential component of the recording session. The music producer helps shape the sound, enabling the artist to get the recording they are aiming for. The music producer is part technician, part musician, and part creative force.

Music producing is pressure-filled, hardcore, and intense– but, if you achieve success, it can be one of the most exciting ways to satisfy your creativity and make a serious living.

From day one, our structured music production course curriculum puts you inside a real recording studio under the direct tutelage of a professional music producer. You will go into the studio anywhere between 2-7 times per week, depending on your schedule (yes we can work around your needs).

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people apply to audio schools worldwide in the hopes of breaking into the highly competitive music business as a music producer. But, this is the 21st century, not the 1970s. There are more students than ever, and not enough music producing jobs to go around.

Each year, a handful of new music producers actually break in to the music business and forge a career as a producer. And guess who these people are? They are the ones who have been educated properly AND who have the connections necessary to advance their dreams.

Watch this video from Pensado’s Place where Grammy Award Winner Dave Pensado, Herb Trawick and Tim Palmer discuss our method of teaching.

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One On One Training From Industry Pros. Low Tuition – Convenient Locations To You. There is absolutely no obligation or application fee, and we will not share your information with anyone. We take your privacy seriously

800-755-7597 (Click to Call)

Why are connections so important? Think for a moment: If you were a big-time record executive and you had a hot new band for whom you needed a producer, would you hire a kid out of an audio trade school, or would you hire a young music producer whom your friends were telling you had the talent, creativity, and the hard work ethic to make the best record possible?

You see, the dirty little secret of the music industry is this:

No amount of classroom instruction will open the doors you need to make it. The ONLY way to make it in the music business as a music producer is to work your way up the ranks of a professional recording studio, where you can gain experience and make connections. This is exactly where the Recording Connection Audio Institute puts you from day one.

But it's not all about connections; it's also about what you know.

At the Recording Connection Audio Institute Music Production School, you will go into a real recording studio 2 – 7 times per week, where you will receive private tutoring in all of the following:

  • Artist relations
  • Audio engineer relations
  • Studio relations
  • Record label relations
  • Client relations
  • Composition and arranging
  • Audio processing
  • Pro Tools
  • Reason, Logic, or Ableton Live
  • The ins and outs of signal flow and patch bays
  • Available audio plugins and how they work
  • Digital audio
  • Surround mixing
  • How analog consoles work
  • In-depth study of analog consoles
  • Signal processing and compressors
  • Correct microphone placement
  • How microphones are designed and used
  • How to perform a professional mix-down
  • How various studios are designed and how their monitors work
  • Electronic music and beat matching
  • Sync and automation
  • Recording and mixing ins and outs

Take a look at what your classroom could look like

Learn how these apprentices became success stories:

“Music production has been a passion of mine for roughly 12 years; my cousin introduced me to the world of Electronic Dance Music when I was about 13 and since then I’ve spent almost every day experimenting with sound design and writing my own tracks. I decided to pursue my education through The Recording Connection because I wanted to expand and refine my knowledge of compression, equalization and mastering as those are the areas I felt I was most lacking in prior to taking the course.”

Doug Benscoter - Recording Connection Audio School Student
Doug Benscoter
Fort Worth, TX

“Before I started the program, I knew next to nothing about music production. With my newfound experiences, I’ve learned that nothing is off the table… I’m mainly interested in studio recording, but I keep an open mind about things. Now that I know how to produce music, I no longer have to pay other engineers to mix and master my band’s music. This saves us a lot of money. As long as my mixes aren’t terrible, our recordings will be free of charge.”

Elliot Huff - Recording Connection Audio School Student
Elliot Huff
Cherry Hill, NJ

“I set up a home studio for a producer friend of mine that did some production for Grammy award winning rapper, Lecrae. We’ve known each other since grade school. This has been both of our dreams since youth. So it’s nice being to help one another, especially since I have some knowledge about studio. I’m at a standstill now, in the sense of still not being where i wanna be. I’ve worked with a few friends and family members, but no one that just hears about me and wants to work. That’s what I really want to achieve. By having a buzz that’s known our the city and my area, that holds some weight. Patience is a virtue, though. I’m determined to make it where i wanna be with music; life in general. I have a great ear for music and i surely know what i’m doing, there’s no doubt about that. I was born to do this. With that being said, I feel as though I have A LOT of learning to go, honestly, which will come with hours put in and experience.”

“What led me to want an education with music production was my love for music. Everyone likes music, but for me it was something more. It makes me feel better. I gain this perspective that everything is ok, and everything will turn out great. As well as this way to carry myself, and learn from the words the artist speaks in their songs. Sadly, I do not currently play any instruments nor have songwriting skills, but the music world is where I want to place myself in. So I thought id learn how to record it.”

“A song is still a long way from it’s final form after it’s just been written and skipping any of the steps of ‘polishing’ along the way, can often leave a song with great potential, as just that-a song, with great potential that never fully developed. This was one of those things that at some point, really hit me like a ton of rocks. One day, it was all of a sudden like, “wow, the production on this otherwise really simple song is what made it into something unbelievably cool…” and that’s when I knew that music production was something I really wanted to get in to and that I feel I really have a knack for.”

Mark Maksymiuk - Recording Connection Audio School Student
Mark Maksymiuk
Sterline Heights, MI

“Now that the program is over, my goals include: Releasing music by an original artist that was produced by our label; Cementing myself as a professional within the music community; Be known for providing a unique sound and vision to artist projects and labels; Being known for setting and achieving vision- defined goals; Be a professional in many aspects of music.”

“I would love to continue my work at HitStreet Records. I am very fortunate to have a job at such an awesome studio. Enjoying what I do for a living and working with amazing people make it a dream job. It is a profession that will continually change with technology, and will continue to change over time.”

Linda Yockey - Recording Connection Audio School Student
Linda Yockey
Las Vegas, NV

“A fellow student at (my mentor studio) is featured in one of the tracks on my album. We constantly helped each other with writing lyrics and engineering each others’ tracks when there weren’t any clients in the studio.”

Anthony Cotton - Recording Connection Audio School Student
Anthony Cotton
Atlanta, GA

“As a kid I always had a passion for music, I first started rapping and recording all my friends. It wasn’t too long before I decided that all i wanted to do is music. I got my first job and started saving every dollar I had and bought studio equipment. But that wasn’t enough I wanted to turn my passion for music into dollars. But I always wondered how, I know I really wasn’t the sit in class kind of guy. Without any connections my dreams seems so far away. One day searching the web for recording schools I came across Recording Connection. What caught my attention was that the studio is your classroom. I wanted to learn how two guys ( Dre and Vidal) were able to build this amazing empire starting from the bottom. I wanted to learn how to get that crisp clean radio song and how to make timeless music.”

David Plante - Recording Connection Audio School Student
David Plante
Novi, MI

“…what mostly led me to go into music production was the fact that I am a musician myself and love listening to music and adding my own input to songs of interest.”

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by Brian Kraft
Chief Academic Officer and COO
for Recording, Radio, Film and Culinary Connection

Many people use the terms music production and audio engineering interchangeability. Much like the music business itself, there is no right or wrong way to look at this. Some audio engineers are music producers, some music producers never touch the equipment—most are somewhere in between. In fact, if you ask a dozen people in the music business what an audio engineer or a music producer does, you'll get a dozen different answers. What's important is that even if you decide you want to be a music producer who hires an audio engineer to do the technical stuff, an understanding of what the equipment is capable will be of great value in your career.

When you sign up with the Recording Connection music production and audio engineering programs, we're going to teach you everything. You're free to make up your own mind where the line between audio production and music production falls.

For the sake of clarity, we look at it this way: the music producer is the one most responsible for getting all the necessary people and resources in one place, at the right time to create the sounds that the audio engineer will record and mix. Obviously, there is room for overlap here. In fact, often times the same person is responsible for all of these tasks, in addition to doing everything necessary to keep the recording studio doors open, as well as find a market for the music itself.

By putting you on the inside of a real recording studio when you take the Recording Connection music production program we expose you to the inner workings of the real music business—how sessions get booked, how much time should be allotted to accomplish your goals, what kind of budgets are needed, what's the optimum way to bring out the best in the talent, what to do when Plan A doesn't work—all the things that happen in real life when money is on the line (and never happen in the idealistic world of the school campus.)

The Recording Connection is endorsed by 1000s of music professionals because it offers the only audio programs that have meaning in the real world. No other school lets you gain real experience, the kind that counts in the music business, while you learn. The Recording Connection has you sitting in on real recording sessions (real recording session being defined as one where a client is paying the recording studio for the session) from day one. And as you go through our music producing program you start gaining that experience: from setting up microphones for sessions; to working with talent; to running the board; to doing the final mix-down—all with an eye on the clock as you strive to keep things running smoothly and on-budget. It's no wonder that 72% of Recording Connection graduates find work in the music business.