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You can't get more inside music business access than this course. Gain an understanding the world of agents, managers, labels, royalties, 360 deals, copyrights, concert riders and more. Tuition is just $9,800.

The Recording Connection Audio Institute is now enrolling students for our Music Business Program

Ask Yourself…

School of Music Business+ Do you dream of having an exciting career as a band manager, record executive, music mogul or other music industry professional?
+ Do you get excited about new bands and artists and wish you had the resources to help them reach a larger audience?
+ Are you obsessed with the idea of producing new artists in the recording studio, helping them craft high-quality records to reach the masses?
+ Are you already managing a few local acts, but you want to “turn pro” with it?
+ Do you already think of yourself as a professional band manager or music mogul, but you need more music industry connections to take it to the next level?
+ Does the passion burn inside you to be part of the music industry? Do you dream of discovering new talent and watching the world sing their songs?
+ Are you serious enough about your dreams that you are willing to put in the hard work it’s going to take in order to succeed?


Music Business Course Outline

Lesson 1 – A&R

Lesson 1 - A&RThe A&R operates on the frontlines of the music industry by scouting for artists they think will be beneficial for their label. He or she then works to assemble the right team for the artist or band so that they can produce either one or a number of songs to pitch to the label with the goal of getting signed. The A&R is at the helm of this process, meeting artists, procuring relationships, and getting artists, producers, engineers, and other talent into the same room—the recording studio.

Once an artist or band is signed, the A&R will liaise with Promotion, Marketing, Publicity, and Sales for proper rollout and release to the world.

Lesson 2 – Marketing

Lesson 2 - MarketingVisionary marketing is an essential element in making the world aware of a certain artist and their work. Music marketing professionals assemble marketing plans that suit the image and market for specific audiences and liaise with the label’s Sales, Promotion, Publicity, and A&R Departments to create an effective rollout or release of a single or album. Innovation and knowing today’s marketplace are key aspects of an effective marketing plan that reaches the right people and turns them into fans.

Lesson 3 – Publicity

Lesson 3 - PublicityA publicist’s primary role is to excite the press and stir coverage for both new and established artists. A knack for knowing how to spin a story, deflect negative media coverage when necessary, and make sure an artist’s image is properly represented are all part of this important music industry career. Procuring and maintaining connections in media and throughout the music industry is another essential facet of this schmooze-heavy job.

Lesson 4 – Promotion

Lesson 4 - PromotionPromotional representatives often work with A&R in selecting the songs on an artist’s repertoire that have the best chance of doing well on the radio. They pitch singles to the very people who get the songs on the radio and, in-so-doing, create hits! Understandably, personality, people smarts and a diehard love of music are all qualities of the professionals in this vital industry career are sure to possess.

Lesson 5 – Record Labels: Sales

Lesson 5 - Record SalesThese are the people who get records into record stores and DSPs (Digital Service Providers) and hence, are responsible for the bread and butter an album or track release brings in once it hits the market. Generating crucial profits for a label and its artists is hard work that requires ample communication with the label’s other departments including Marketing, Promotion, and Publicity. Proper placement and a smooth rollout ensure the music is available in the avenues and formats where its audience expects it to be. This is one important job that requires market savvy as wells as great communication and organizational skills.

Lesson 6 – Record Labels: Legal & Business Affairs

Lesson 6 - Record Labels: Legal and BusinessThis is the heart of where the music business’s business gets done. The record label’s Legal Department handles contracts between the record label and artists including the many major deal points involved in a recording contract (Common Master Ownership, Release Commitment, Royalties, Accounting, 360 Deals, Creative Control, and etcetera). Meanwhile, the Business Department handles the crucial role of finances, budgets, bookkeeping, and payroll.

Lesson 7 – Music Publishers

Lesson 7 - Music PublishersArtists and their labels need to ensure fair compensation for the use of their songs. Music publishers make sure companies and various entities pay for usage of a song by administering and collecting royalties on behalf of the artists, producers, and songwriters they represent. Publishing A&Rs can also generate substantial income for songwriters by getting Sync deals for their clients, thereby giving their catalogues real earning power.

Lesson 8 – Artist Managers

Lesson 8 - Artist ManagersArtist Managers are responsible for the professional careers of recording artists in the entertainment industry. Sounds like a lot? It is! From negotiating various deals, setting up collaborations for recording sessions, maintaining social media pages and websites, and more, being an Artist Manager, like many other jobs in the music business, is extremely demanding and, if done well, extremely rewarding and enriching too!

Lesson 9 – Producer & Songwriter Managers

Lesson 9 - Producer & Songwriter ManagersSongwriter & Producer Managers are responsible for the professional careers of songwriters and/or producers within the music industry. From pitching songs for artists and film opportunities, to negotiating various production, song, and publishing deals, a solid manager is always creating opportunities for their client while relieving them of having to do any administrative work so that they are free to focus on their music. Want to play an intrinsic role in bringing more great music into the world? This is one way to do it.

Time for some straight talk about your career:

Your success as a future band manager or record executive depends on the decisions you make today. You need to be specific, calculated and deliberate about your choice of a music school, because your career can literally be ruined by going to the wrong one. How? By taking on thousands of dollars in unnecessary student debt to attend a school that won’t actually connect you to the music business.

Let’s be clear: debt is a dream crusher. Debt enslaves you, often requiring you to work dead-end jobs in order to pay it back. That’s the LAST thing you need when you are trying to embark on a career in the music business (or any other business, for that matter). Yet year after year, thousands of misinformed young people and adults take on this crushing debt because they assume it’s the only way to get their education. This problem has become so serious that even Rolling Stone Magazine wrote a major article on the College Loan Scandal.

Don’t be one of those gullible students who gets talked into spending $25,000 or more for an audio or music business education. Your key to breaking into the music industry as a record executive or band manager is NOT going to happen in some overpriced, overcrowded classroom, and only a fool would believe otherwise.

By the same token, don't get duped into thinking an online program is your answer, either. Online programs can teach you a few things, but they can't connect you to the industry.



The Recording Connection Audio Institute is a school for the 21st Century. We stand out from the rest because we are the school that trains you in the heart of the music business instead of a stuffy, isolated college classroom. Yes, that’s right—we put you inside the music business, from day one, and that’s where you go to school.

The Recording Connection is an audio apprenticeship (externship) program that can break you into the industry like no other school can—because we put you there from the first day of training until you graduate. We are the only school that does it this way—and we do mean the ONLY one.

The music industry is a highly competitive field. If you’re serious about beating out the competition to become a successful record executive or band manager, then read on…

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The Recording Connection is a world-renowned school that trains its students in the arts of recording and music production inside real recording studios all over the world. We will place you as a working apprentice (extern) under a real music producer, audio engineer, studio owner or other music industry professional for one-on-one training on the job.

The Recording Connection is the ONLY school in the world that trains all its students inside actual, working recording studios.

The Recording Connection is backed by hundreds of music industry professionals around the world, including some of the biggest names in the industry, who both endorse us and teach our students for us.

In other words—The Recording Connection is literally the starting point of your career as a music industry professional! We’re the only school that connects you to the industry by training you inside of it.


Other music schools charge you BIG MONEY to stick you inside crowded classrooms with a bunch of other people who, like you, have little or NO connection to the actual music industry. At The Recording Connection, we take a whole different approach: we charge you A LOT LESS MONEY (up to 75% LESS) and we place you in a REAL RECORDING STUDIO where industry connections are the norm! What’s more, for that LOW TUITION, you are trained one-on-one by someone who is actually PART OF THE INDUSTRY.


Don’t waste time or money as a student at college; become an apprentice (extern) inside a real recording studio. Look, common sense should tell you that you are NOT going to become a band manager, record executive or music mogul by sitting in a trade school classroom. The ONLY place to learn it is inside the industry itself, and the ONLY people qualified to teach you are real music industry professionals! It’s as simple as that.

The Recording Connection program is flexible, and can be completed in as little as 6 months or as along as 2 years, depending on where you are at in your career and with your schedule. Regardless of your current knowledge or skill level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), our unique approach will work for you. IT COSTS YOU NOTHING TO APPLY, and one of our Admissions Counselors will gladly answer all your questions.

We’re not trying to brag here, but when we say NO OTHER SCHOOL even comes close to what we are offering you…we mean it. There’s a reason why so many music industry professionals endorse us and teach for us—they know we have the goods! There’s just no reason to go deep into debt for a classroom trade school or college program when we can actually HELP YOU GET WHERE YOU WANT TO GO for A FRACTION of that money. We want to help you take your career to the professional level. We want you break you into the music industry as a future manager or executive, and we’re the ONLY school that actually can.

Now you know about us—it’s time for us to learn more about you! What are your dreams?  What are your career goals for a future in the music industry? Tell us. We can help. Your life is waiting.

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Coursework is delivered via distance education and completed at a location determined by the student. Apprenticeship (Externship) locations can be up to 60 miles away from the student’s address. The apprenticeship (externship) mentor will work with each student on structuring a specific schedule, the student agrees that he/she will be available to meet with the mentor for a minimum of two sessions per week.”