Lesson 13 - Tracking (Song Two)

In this lesson, you will begin the tracking your second song, which will help you develop the strengths you need as a professional recording engineer/ music producer.


In this section, you will get a thorough overview of the importance of a finely tuned drum, the anatomy of all parts of a drum kit, proper microphone placement, and techniques for recording a drum track.


Section two will cover the different setup and tracking that should be done for a bass recording, keeping in mind of all the scenarios for an acoustic guitar or electric bass recording.


Here you will be studying and putting to use the tracking techniques used for recording any acoustic or electric guitar while keeping in mind the types of guitar, pre-amps, amps, microphones and microphone techniques used for tracking.


Section four covers the types of techniques and strategies used for recording keyboards, such as the use of a DI box for recording due to its high and low range of pitch and dynamic levels.


As vocals are the main focus to most songs, in this section you will discover more proper techniques used for tracking vocals.


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