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Advanced Audio Engineering
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- A Recording Connection Audio School Program -

Learn advanced audio techniques in overdubbing, mixdown and mastering. Apprentice (extern) under a legendary audio engineer/music producer/mixer while gaining an insider's access to the music industry.

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One On One Training From Industry Pros. Low Tuition – Convenient Locations To You. There is absolutely no obligation or application fee, and we will not share your information with anyone. We take your privacy seriously

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Welcome Audio Engineers, Music Producers, Mixing Engineers and Audio Mastering Techs

Take your skills as an engineer, producer, mixer or master engineer to the professional level!


  1. You have taken The Recording Connection Audio Engineering/Music Production Basic Program and are ready to deepen your skill level
  2. You are considering both the Basic Program and Advanced Program together as a bundle
  3. You are a graduate of another audio school and are ready to re-learn what you forgot (or what they failed to teach you)
  4. You are a graduate from another school and you want to take your learning to the professional level inside a real recording studio

PLEASE NOTE: You have found the Recording Connection Audio Institute’s Advanced Engineering, Music Production, Mixing and Mastering Program. If this is not what you are looking for, please select any of the following other options:

Need to learn more about us before you apply and visit a real recording studio? No problem, we encourage you to read our site at your convenience, take notes and get educated on why we are so effective at what we do.

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One On One Training From Industry Pros. Low Tuition – Convenient Locations To You. There is absolutely no obligation or application fee, and we will not share your information with anyone. We take your privacy seriously

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The Advanced Program - Engineering, Producing, Mixing and Mastering

What You Will Learn

This Advanced Audio Program offers specific advanced instruction in the following areas:
  • In-depth treatment of Pro Tools, including elastic audio, auto-tuning and many other techniques
  • In-depth instruction on the use of compressors, effects and plugins
  • Tracking in a real recording session with a band you bring to the studio, with your mentor at the helm with you, as you make the transition from assisting to running the session
  • Advanced techniques in overdubbing, mixdown and mastering
  • Personalized instruction in the business aspects of music production, including budgeting for sessions and operating a business
  • …and more!

At the conclusion of the program, you will have a completed, mastered, high-quality two-track demo to your credit, which can be submitted with confidence to record labels, music supervisors, and other music industry professionals.


If you maintain a “B” equivalent in your Advanced Audio Engineering Course, we will SUBMIT THE DEMO ON YOUR BEHALF to TWO INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS!

That’s right: the Recording Connection will send your demo to one pro-level music producer and one record company executive, at no additional cost to you.


To be eligible for any of the Advanced Audio programs listed below, applicants must meet just one of these requirements: 

  1. You must be enrolled in, or about to be enrolled in, the Recording Connection Audio Institute Audio Program for Audio Engineering and Music Producing.


  2. You must be a graduate in good standing of the Recording Connection Audio Institute’s Audio Program for Audio Engineering and Music Producing within the last 7 years


  3. You must have graduated and earned either a certificate of completion or degree in Audio Engineering and/or Music Producing from another accredited institution of higher learning.

Tuition: 9,800, or 8,800 if you pay for the Advanced Audio Program at the time you sign up for the Audio Program

Audio Program and Advanced Audio Program Bundle: 17,550

Financial Assistance Available!

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One On One Training From Industry Pros. Low Tuition – Convenient Locations To You. There is absolutely no obligation or application fee, and we will not share your information with anyone. We take your privacy seriously

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Sean Tallen's Experience with the Advanced Audio Program


As I approached Michael Blum’s studio in Sherman Oaks, CA not knowing at all what to expect from this studio, or mentor, I was just as excited as I was nervous. This is a big deal for me. I’ve already foolishly invested $30,000 I don’t have, and two long and difficult years in earning a degree at Los Angeles Recording School (that may as well be a napkin with the words, “Sean is an audio engineer…” written in crayon on it) just to work and learn in a studio like this. Michael opens the door, revealing a busy studio that’s clean, decorated with framed platinum albums and small shelves supporting hundreds of unwrapped CD albums, all produced by him, a vintage Harrison console, and fancy wood trim all over the place. I was comfortable as my nervousness began to fade. His other apprentice (extern) through RRF was tracking in the studio with a full band, as requirement in lesson five includes, so we went into a vacant room to talk. He was very friendly, and had a lot to talk about, as did I. I completely lost track of time, exchanging stories of our experiences, discussing areas where I needed help, revealing my strengths and weakness’s in audio knowledge, and laughing about my previous recording school struggles at Los Angeles Recording School. It turns out that he had engineered with and for some of my favorite artists and producers from the 80’s, like Harold Faltemeyer and Giorgio Moroder… I was STOKED! An hour later we shook hands and discussed my new start date and schedule (obviously I was accepted). I left with a skip in my step, anxious to get started.

Lesson 1:

Two weeks after my interview, I was finally starting the program. After a minute of chatting about how our previous weeks went, Michael and I sat down in his studio’s lounge area and began “A Complete Review of Basic Recording Arts.” The curriculum was thorough, a lot of the reviewed material was taught to me at LARS, and a lot of it was not. My mentor was a wealth of information, digging in to the subjects in the workbook and more, explaining things in a way that not one of my teachers had been able to properly explain to me in college. Little things like the importance of using a fabric pop filter to protect a capsule from moisture, and other tips and facts that only a pro would know. I realized this was the beginning of my “un-training”… what I had learned in school was mostly irrelevant with the exception of a bit of basic theory.

After a couple hours of book work, Michael invited me to stick around to watch him master a record he was finishing. This was very educational (I had recently finished mastering a record for a local artist). To learn what I was doing wrong and right was just what I needed. Soon after, he had a client come in to record some acoustic. I sat in on the entire session, observing his workflow, and learning the way he operates his studio. I wanted to start playing with gear and helping out, but I had to practice restraint in that area—not only was it my first day and my cue to shut up and observe, I also had a terrible cold, and didn’t want to infect the whole studio.

This was a very productive and educational day. I’d say I learned more here in nine hours than I had in one month at LA Recording School… and I was mostly just watching.


Coursework is delivered via distance education and completed at a location determined by the student. Apprenticeship (Externship) locations can be up to 60 miles away from the student’s address. The apprenticeship (externship) mentor will work with each student on structuring a specific schedule, the student agrees that he/she will be available to meet with the mentor for a minimum of two sessions per week.”

Learn how these apprentices became success stories:

“For the past few years I’ve had the good fortune of being able to release original tracks as well as officially commissioned remixes for a wide array of independent record labels and DJ some of the biggest gigs in my native city of Denver and beyond. I joined The Recording Connection in the hopes of pushing the overall quality of my productions to the next level, as well as becoming a more well-rounded and knowledgeable producer in general and that is exactly what I achieved.”

“There have been many surprises about the music industry. I have learned so much about the industry in the past couple years. I enjoyed learning about all the importance of strict contracts that are used everyday in the industry.”

“…discovered how well I have an impact on people and how my dreams and goals are not actually as far away as I had once thought. What surprised me most about the studio was how I was able to mess around with and actually operate the mixing board and work with thousands of dollars of equipment like it was no big deal.”

Linda Yockey - Recording Connection Audio School Student
Linda Yockey
Las Vegas, NV

“I have left (my mentor’s studio) in Los Angeles and have recently moved to Las Vegas. My goal is to sell my album, form a band, and start collaborating with other musicians in the area.”

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