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Live Sound Engineering
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Program: Recording Connection for Live Music

Audio Education Upgraded
for 2021

Amplify your life! Get inside access to the music business, extern under a professional audio engineer inside of their recording studio. Gain insider knowledge and connections during real sessions. Work hard and turn your dreams into reality.

The Recording Connection audio school alternative is now enrolling students for our Live Sound Engineering Program


+ Do you dream of working with famous musicians?
+ Do you have great ears and want to make the most of them?
+ Do you want the skills and expertise you need to achieve superb sound quality at live venues?
+ Do you love the energy of a live performance?
+ Want to set up shows that truly inspire or move people through sound?
+ Do you work well under pressure?
+ Is creating a certain experience important to you?
+ Are you creative, reliable and hard-working?

Live Sound Engineering School


Start your career as a live sound engineer and make smart choices about your education. Make the choice for real skills and real experience through on-the-job training. Get directly involved with the world of music production and live sound recording and engineering when you choose The Recording Connection.


Taking on huge amounts of student debt can ruin your career before it starts. Every year, many students and go deep into serious debt. Acquiring this debt can crush their dreams and makes those once-bright futures virtually impossible This phenomenon is so real, so prevalent, that even Rolling Stone ran an in-depth article on the College Loan Scandal; check it out here.

Don’t get caught in the trap of debt! Don’t be one of those dreamers who lack real foresight. Dreaming is great, but being able to turn those dreams into achievable goals with the right game plan, skills, and connections—that’s the mark of someone destined to succeed.

Become a live sound extern under a working professional, and get what you need now, in the real world.

Live Sound Engineer


The Recording Connection audio school alternative is the Live Music Program that can help break you into the business. Join the audio school alternative for the 21st Century. The Recording Connection gets you in the music business instead of a college classroom. That’s exactly right: we put you into training from inside the music industry, and that is where you go to school.

Curriculum Overview

Live Sound Lesson 11 – Microphones

In this chapter, you will delve deeper into the word of microphones. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of every type of microphone, their pickup patterns, and how all these previous chapters and the principles they teach apply to choosing the right microphone for the right application.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 11 – Microphones

Live Sound Lesson 10 – Input and Output Impedance

What does impedance mean for the operator of a sound system? If you have an array of speakers, which and how many amplifiers would you need? In this chapter, you will learn how to not destroy the sound system by gaining a mathematic understanding of input and output Impedance.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 10 – Input and Output Impedance

Live Sound Lesson 9 – Harmonic Distortion

Though it’s the friend of the electric guitar player, and the underground music scene in general, harmonic distortion is one of the live sound engineer’s worst enemies. But, as the saying goes, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. In this section, you learn to do just that: you will learn scientifically how to measure and control harmonic distortion in live scenarios.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 9 – Harmonic Distortion

Live Sound Lesson 8 – Sound Indoors

This section discusses the behavior of sound indoors and is a continuation of the previous chapter. Inside the walls of an indoor space, reverberation, distance, and absorption will be your main obstacles. You will learn to overcome them, as the majority of your work will most likely be in indoor clubs and concert halls.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 8 – Sound Indoors

Live Sound Lesson 7 – Sound Outdoors

The absence of walls and a ceiling changes the behavior of sound and affects sound systems differently than indoor concerts. Some of the highest paying gigs a live sound engineer will work are outdoor festivals and concerts. That being said, you’ll definitely want to pay close attention to this chapter, as you will learn to control sound in less predictable environments.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 7 – Sound Outdoors

Live Sound Lesson 6 – Dynamic Range & Headroom

Dynamic range is the difference in decibels between the loudest and quietest portion of a live performance. Headroom is the difference between the loudest part of a performance and the loudness threshold that your sound system can handle. In this chapter, you will learn the importance of controlling the dynamic range and compensating for possible peaks with headroom.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 6 – Dynamic Range & Headroom

Live Sound Lesson 5 – The Decibel, Sound Level, and Related Items

Did you think that by being a live sound engineer, you could completely elude ever having to use math? If so, you were wrong. The decibel unit measures sound level the same way miles or meters measure distance. But there are also variations of this audio measurement unit when related to sound pressure level, volts, watts, ohms and so on. In this chapter, you will begin to understand why “engineer” is in the job title.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 5 – The Decibel, Sound Level, and Related Items

Live Sound Lesson 4 – Frequency Response

Beyond manufacturing quality and materials, what sets two different brands of speakers or microphones apart from each other? Answer: their frequency response. You will learn multiple definitions for this frequently used term, and examine how it relates to various types of audio equipment.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 4 – Frequency Response

Live Sound Lesson 3 – What Is a Sound System?

You may think you already know the answer to this question, but if your answer is only one sentence long, think again. In this chapter, you will learn about every peripheral that could constitute a live sound system, and the science behind each of them.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 3 – What Is a Sound System?

Live Sound Lesson 2 – Microphone Design

Obviously, as a live sound engineer, you will always be working with microphones. In this chapter, you will learn the basics concerning the history, anatomy, and general application of most relevant microphone types and patterns. Be warned, this chapter might be the one that first triggers a gear addiction you never knew you had.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 2 – Microphone Design

Live Sound Lesson 1 – Sound and Hearing

Understanding the science behind how you perceive sound, how sound travels, and how sound is produced and measured—this is essential knowledge for anyone aspiring to be any type of audio engineer. The best live sound engineers don’t simply have a basic understanding of sound and hearing: it’s more second nature. In this first chapter, we’ll provide you with the knowledge, and it’s up to you to turn that knowledge into second nature.... Read more

Live Sound Lesson 1 – Sound and Hearing
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Recording Connection provides affordable, unique education models coupled with mentor-based (externship) programs that can be engaged remotely or in person.

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We Stand Against Student Debt!

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All Students Have Access To:

1-on-1 learning in a real recording studio.

Other schools do classrooms and campus studio labs, with us, your classroom is a real studio in the real world.

All of our curriculum, labs, etc. are taught by a working industry professional.

You will only learn from an industry veteran who owns or operates his or her own real-world recording studio. Other schools employ full-time teachers who may or may not have achieved success in the real world. Our mentors are not only artists in their craft but working, successful business pros. Imagine what you can learn from them!

Sit in on real-life sessions.

Many of our students have been offered the opportunity to work on real-world sessions while they are students with us!! Our students have worked with Beyoncé, Kanye West, Robert Plant, Miley Cyrus, Solange, Khalid, Lady Antebellum, Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Depp and Billy Bob Thornton to name a few while being taught by legendary producers Joe Chicarelli, Al Schmitt, Detail, Ross Hogarth, Ryan Hewitt, F. Reid Shippen and countless others.

Low Costs.

Recording Connection takes a unique approach to learning music production and pride ourselves on having a very modern approach to cost. Put plainly—we hate student debt just as much as you do. Throughout our 30 years in the business, we have made it a primary focus to keep our tuition affordable. Very affordable. While we believe we could price our education at three times what it actually costs, we have made it our mission to keep costs low. When you graduate with us, you will not be buried by burdensome amounts of debt.


In addition to the industry pro who will be your mentor, tutoring is available to you for the entire time you are enrolled with us. Need help with your homework? Can't figure out Pro Tools, Ableton, Logic or more? Want to learn how to make more beats? Have a question you forgot to ask your mentor? Want career advice? Want us to help you build a song? Create a resume? Our tutors and Academic Facilitators are here for you!

Real Career Services.

Our fully staffed Career Services Department exists for one reason—to help our students and graduates get hired. From helping you create an awesome resume, to handling and scheduling your job interview, to finding job opportunities in your area, we’ve got your back.

Additional Studio Time.

The more you give to our programs the more you get. Want more time in the studio to study, practice or observe? Simply prove your passion and dedication to your mentor and you will find there is virtually no limit to studio access.

Lab Time.

Personal, hands-on lab time is built into our program. You’ll never find yourself fighting over gear availability with dozens of other students. And speaking of gear, because you will be learning in a real-world recording studio you will be learning on the latest gear.

Real World Experience.

The only way to learn how things work in the real world is to learn in the real world. Since our program places you inside a real-world recording studio on the very first day, you’ll learn all the essentials: studio etiquette, client relations, shortcuts, how to meet a deadline, the art of running a recording studio and so much more. This gives you a tremendous advantage over other schools’ students who never got off the campus and who often graduate underprepared.


You’ve probably heard the expression “It’s who you know.” In the music industry this is definitely true. With The Recording Connection you have access to industry connections on a daily basis. As your progress with our program and start sitting in on recording sessions, you’ll meet your mentor’s connections—artists, producers, mixers, managers, gear reps and many more. It’s networking from the inside.

Our Network.

Once you are in with us, YOU ARE IN! The Recording Connection deals with hundreds of recording studios, audio engineers, music producers, mixers, record labels and studio owners on a daily basis. As long as you are a student or graduate of our programs, in good standing, our access is your access.

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You’ve got to put in your effort. You have to show the studio you’re actually going to show up, you’re going to be there, you’re going to work hard, and you know your stuff.
- Recording Connection grad Jake Kiyokane, Los Angeles, CA
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