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Our Live DJ Apprentice Program pairs you with a working, touring DJ, who’ll tutor you on what it takes to succeed on the world’s biggest stages. It's the ultimate all-access pass to the music-performance business. Tuition is just $9,800.

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One On One Training From Industry Pros. Low Tuition – Convenient Locations To You. There is absolutely no obligation or application fee, and we will not share your information with anyone. We take your privacy seriously

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Recording Connection Audio Institute is now enrolling students for our DJ and Electronic Music Producing Programs


+ Do you have what it takes to make a living being a DJ?

+ Do you have amazing taste in music?

+ Do you know everything there is to know about DJing, being a producer, and audio engineering?

+ Is the only thing holding you back from a career as a DJ or a musical business person the fact that you just don’t know enough people in the industry?


Welcome to Your Future as a Touring DJAre you ready to provide for your family by doing what you love? Do you have the passion to succeed? Are you ready to make smart choices about your education?

As a DJ, you need to have the right connections. You need to know the right people who respect you and value the work that you do. As a touring DJ, you need to attend an audio engineering school that will help you nurture and grow your passion for DJing. You need to be able to work with people who can assist you in pursuing a career as a full-fledged DJ.

Starting your career as a DJ begins by choosing a school that will help you connect to the music industry without forcing you into huge amounts of debt. With our on-the-job training approach, the Recording Connection is the a great place to start your career as a real working DJ.


Welcome to Your Future as a Touring DJThe Recording Connection is an audio apprenticeship (externship) program that will help you get your foot in the door by placing you as an apprentice (extern) with a real working DJ.

The Recording Connection is a school for the 21st century. We put you in the music business, not in a classroom. We help you break in. We give you connections, skills, and work ethic. We give you a starting point. We help you do exactly what you need to do to impress those around you and solidify your career as a real DJ. We do this by placing you for one-on-one training with a working professional who does exactly what you want to be doing for a living.

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Your career as a touring DJ starts here. The Recording Connection is a globally recognized audio engineering school that will train you in the ways of the music business. We pair you with a mentor who has been working as an engineer, producer, DJ, electronic artist, or musician for over a decade. This person will be your mentor and will help you learn everything you need to know. The Recording Connection is backed by over 400 audio engineers and established DJs. Regardless of where you live currently, we’ll find you someone that is perfectly aligned with your goals and aspirations.

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One On One Training From Industry Pros. Low Tuition – Convenient Locations To You. There is absolutely no obligation or application fee, and we will not share your information with anyone. We take your privacy seriously

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Learn From Industry Pros

Have you ever worked in a real recording studio? Do you know how to conduct yourself in the workplace? Do you have real connections to the music industry? These are all things that you’ll be experiencing in the Recording Connection, because you’ll be working with real professionals. You’ll be learning everything there is to know straight from the source. No distillation, no interference. You’ll be working with the people who have produced records for the likes of Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Pearl Jam, DJ Shadow, Skrillex and others.

Other schools help you learn inside over-crowded classrooms, charge you too much money, and give you an antiquated theoretical education. We don't charge huge amounts of tuition to give you a theoretical classroom education; we teach train you in a real recording studio, pair you with a mentor, and teach you the industry standard. Classrooms don’t make hit records—studios do. do that. Studios do—which This is why it’s so important that you get into a real studio on the ground floor. With our apprenticeship (externship) program, you’re going to learn all the tricks of the trade, make connections and develop your skills.

Don’t simply be a student. Be an apprentice (extern) to a real working engineer or producer. That’s how you’re going to hone your skills and make your dream of being a touring DJ come true.

You can enroll in our program for any length of time from six months to two years, depending on how far along you are in your career. We offer everything from refresher courses to full on introductory education. Everything you need or want, we can provide. Regardless if you’re an advanced student, intermediate, or a beginner, the Recording Connection has an education pathway that is perfect for you.

It’s a simple fact: our school provides and innovative, inexpensive, productive way to advance your career. It’s really not a complicated matter. You just have to have a passion for DJing and a willingness to work hard. We have numerous DJs on our staff just waiting to help you actualize your potential.

By applying now, you’re showing that you have what it takes to live your dream. You’re proving to yourself and to everyone around you that you’re serious about having a career as a DJ. You’re proving that you’ve got the fortitude to stand up and say, “I’m a DJ.” That takes a lot of guts. The only thing standing between you and a career as a DJ is you.


Coursework is delivered via distance education and completed at a location determined by the student. Apprenticeship (Externship) locations can be up to 60 miles away from the student’s address. The apprenticeship (externship) mentor will work with each student on structuring a specific schedule, the student agrees that he/she will be available to meet with the mentor for a minimum of two sessions per week.”