Lesson 14 – The Bass

Big, round, and booming, the bass can be found at the foundation of western popular music across nearly all genres. As you certainly know, the bass is a huge component in hip hop production. Learning how to use it well can make all the difference between a muddy sounding low end, to one that hooks listeners with its seemingly hypnotic power. As a hip hop producer, the value of knowing how to produce a bassline is priceless. Produce hip hop and you will undoubtedly be asked to create a bassline that grabs people and inspires them to groove. Buckle up for the knowledge coming your way.


Be able to identify a bassline and its function in modern production.
Be able to interpret commonly used rhythms in modern music.
Be able to use the techniques covered in this course to create their own basslines.
Be able to identify a bassline and the techniques used to create that bassline.
Be able to explain the use of a bassline in modern production and will be able to use the techniques in their own production.

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