LESSON 9: Virtual Drums

It is finally time to talk about the aspect of the electronic music that most of our students go bonkers over – that is, how to make BEATS!! The beat is the driving force behind a vast majority of repertoire in electronic music. In this chapter, we will discuss the impact that the drum machine and drum software have had on society, as well as how computer drum technology has allowed us producers, composers, and engineers to re-create actual drum grooves synthetically.


  • History of the Drum Machine
    • Rhythmicon
    • Wurlitzer Sideman
    • Eko ComputeRhythm
    • Linn LM-1
    • Roland TR-808 & Roland TR-809
  • Working with Virtual Drums in Logic Pro X
    • Drum Apple Loops
      • Ultrabeat
      • Assignment Section
      • Synthesizer Section
      • Sequencer Section
      • MIDI Control Section
      • Sampling in Ultrabeat
      • Section Review
    • Drum Kit Designer
      • Drum Kit Designer Interface Breakdown
      • Edit Panel
      • Extended Parameters
      • Producer Kits
      • Section Review
    • Drummer
      • Drummer Tracks and Regions
      • Drummer Editor
      • Section Review
  • Our Favorite Modern Drum Plug Ins
    • Battery 4
    • Maschine 2.0
    • Steven Slate Drums 4
    • Rob Papen Punch
    • MOTU BPM 1.5
  • Chapter Assignment
  • Chapter Quiz

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