LESSON 15: Effects Processing

Warp, twist, and mangle recorded sound into sonic bliss (or mayhem)! As we tour Logic’s immense collection of effect plugins, you’ll bring out qualities in your own music that were previously unheard. Recorded vocals in your closet? Feed them through the Space Designer, which injects your audio into a variety of environments as if they were recorded there, from car interiors to cathedrals to a tin can in the great void of space! Treating your guitar with Logic’s Amp Designer and Pedalboard, you’ll have a boutique guitar effects shop right inside your computer! Not enough ear candy? Try the Vocoder, Phaser or Ringshifter on your recordings to achieve otherworldly status! One-on-one with your mentor, you’ll learn how to re-create the sounds you’ve crafted in your computer on analog gear inside a real studio, something students of electronic music production in a classroom could only dream of!


  • Inserts v. Sends
  • Amps and Pedals
    • Amp Designer
    • Bass Amp Designer
    • Pedalboard
    • Section Review
  • Delay Effects
    • Delay Designer
    • Echo
    • Stereo Delay
    • Sample Delay
    • Tape Delay
    • Section Review
  • Distortion Effects
    • Bitcrusher
    • Clip Distortion
    • Distortion I
    • Distortion II
    • Overdrive
    • Phase Distortion
    • Section Review
  • Filter Effects
    • Autofilter
    • EVOC 20 Filter Bank
    • EVOC 20 TrackOscillator
    • Fuzz-Wah
    • Spectral Gate
    • Section Review
  • Modulation Effects
    • Chorus
    • Ensemble
    • Flanger
    • Microphaser
    • Modulation Delay
    • Phaser
    • Ringshifter
    • Rotor Cabinet
    • Scanner Vibrato
    • Spreader
    • Tremolo
    • Section Review
  • Pitch Effects
    • Pitch Correction
    • Pitch Shifter
    • Vocal Transformer
    • Section Review
  • Reverb Effects
    • EnVerb
    • PlatinumVerb
    • SilverVerb
    • Space Designer
    • Section Review
  • Specialized Effects
    • Denoiser
    • Exciter
    • Groove Shifter
    • Speech Enhancer
    • Sub Bass
    • Section Review
  • Chapter Assignment

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